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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Lips More Prone to Aging than Skin
There is an interesting report at Medical News Today which is intended to remind women that they should be careful in protecting their lips from the sun. The reminder is a good one but the article itself is interesting because it brings up a point that not many people realize; your lips may be more prone to aging as a result of the sun than your skin is. This is something to keep in mind when using preventive and treatment methods for skin care protection.

The article specifically discusses the importance of being careful when using lip balms and lip glosses. These are items which actually draw UV rays to the lips (as opposed to protecting them from the sun like sunscreens do). However, it's important to do more than stop wearing lip gloss. You should also be actively working to protect your lips from aging. Your skin rejuvenation doctor could be a useful resource in this area.

Question of the Day: Were you aware that the lips may be more prone to signs of aging than the skin?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Skin Care by the Decade
An important article over at Health News Digest recently took a look at the way that each of us should approach skin rejuvenation treatments during different decades in our lives.

Some of the information coming out of this article includes:

- In your twenties, you should focus on protecting your skin. Take care of adolescent skin problems such as treating remaining acne with photo rejuvenation.

- In your thirties, start looking out for early age spots and nip them in the bud with microdermabrasion. This is also when you should be looking into dermal fillers to end those emerging wrinkles.

- In your forties, you'll start upping the ante on anti-aging treatments. This means working with your skin rejuvenation doctor to create a plan that makes sense for you in terms of frequency of treatments like dermal fillers and chemical peels.

- In your fifties, you'll find that you may be interested in plastic surgery to supplement your cosmetic procedures. You may also find that hormonal changes require the use of laser hair removal that wasn't needed in the past.

Of course, each individual situation is going to be different. You may find that different treatments are right for you at different times than what is suggested here. But this is a common guideline to follow if you'd like to start considering new treatments.

Question of the Day: During what decade do you think you're most likely to be interested in skin rejuvenation treatments?

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Monday, April 28, 2008
UK Dr. Caught Selling Illegal Fat Reduction Treatment
A doctor in the UK has been prosecuted after advertising and selling a fat-reduction product that is not approved for use in the UK. The drug appears to be similar to products such as LipoDissolve which are intended as injectables that break up the fat in the body and help to trim inches off of the waist and other fatty areas. However, this product has not been tested for cosmetic use and should not have been sold to people for that purpose.

The drug is called Lipostabil and is approved in Germany for non-cosmetic medical purposes. This UK doctor was advertising it under both the product name and the name Fat Jab. He was warned against continued advertisement of the illegal product and continued to offer it to his patients anyway. He has been found guilty in the court system and has been fined. Patients in the UK and the surrounding area are being warned to be wary of advertisements for this type of product.

Learn more here.

Question of the Day: What precautions would you take to make sure that an advertised cosmetic drug was approved in your area?

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Friday, April 25, 2008
Celebrity Botox: Katie Price
If you are someone who follows celebrity plastic surgery news then you are probably already familiar with Katie Price (the English actress model who is better known by the name "Jordan"). She's been in and out of celebrity plastic surgery news for years due to her ever-fluctuating breast size. Most recently, she made headlines when she announced that she was done with plastic surgery forever.

Ri-ight. Apparently non-invasive cosmetic procedures were not included in this announcement because Katie (who has decided to return to her given name and stop going by Jordan) recently underwent Botox treatments which were depicted on her reality television show. She reveals that she hates needles but she hates wrinkles ever more.

Learn more from the Daily Mail.

Question of the Day: Is it surprising to see that Jordan is still in the cosmetic doctor's office?

Thursday, April 24, 2008
Variety of Beauty Options Today
Most of us take it for granted that we have a whole heck of a lot of options when it comes to improving our looks. For every single part of the face alone, there are different make-up options and different cosmetic enhancement choices to assist us in achieving the appearance we desire.

But this wasn't always the way that it was. Just a few generations ago, women were all using the same basic products. There were only a few different ways to change your face and most of those methods didn't account for the diversity in shape, size and skin tone among women.

This fact is highlighted in a great article just published by Health News Digest which has a "then and now" look at the way that we enhance different parts of our appearance. For example, it discusses the fact that a few decades ago the only option for changing the shape of your lips was drawing a new shape with your lipstick. Today, of course, there are lip liners and lip plumpers and multiple dermal fillers for the lips.

This is important to note because it points to the fact that we appreciate a diverse kind of beauty in the world today. Many people think that cosmetic procedures are bad because they allow women to all strive towards one single ideal of beauty. However, with the variety of procedures out there, what we really see is that women can choose what beauty means to them and then go to attain it!

Question of the Day: What are the pros and cons of having so much beauty variety in the market today?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Skin Treatment May Be Impacted By Migraines
People who suffer from migraines will tell you that these headaches cause them to double over in pain and require them to stay in bed until the feeling passes. But you probably already knew that. Did you also know that those same migraines might be causing them extreme sensitivity to pain in the face and neck? A new study shows that it isn't just the head that hurts as a result of migraine headaches but that it also increases the sensitivity of the skin, face and neck.

The study has some interesting implications for those people who get skin treatments such as chemical peels or laser hair removal. These are typically procedures that cause either no pain or very little pain. However, the study shows that non-painful experiences may be painful to those people who suffer from migraines. As a result, these treatments could be more difficult for people with chronic migraine headaches.

The study didn't take a look at the relationship between skin care and migraines. But it can be presumed that there may be issues of concern to look at here as a result of the study. It's something to speak with your doctor and dermatologist about if you feel that it's a problem which may relate to you.

Question of the Day: Would you still go get skin treatments even if your migraines made you more sensitive to the pain?

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Stem Cell Skin Creams: Hype and Fact
People who are interested in anti-aging skin care frequently read up about the latest new things on the market that might help their skin to look and feel younger. One of the things that has been getting a lot of attention in the media in the past year has been skin care creams that claim to be based in scientific use of stem cells that help regenerate the skin. A recent report on these creams shows that they aren't truly effective yet but could hae the potential to be developed into a great product down the line.

The main problem with these creams at the current time is that they don't actually utilize live stem cells. If they did, they may be able to work to revive aging skin. Instead, they use a vague process called "stem cell technology" which basically means that the people making these products are still working out the kinks of harnessing the power of the scientific method that they're aiming to use.

These products are not harmful in any way so if you're interested in seeing how they work for you, you can. However, it may make more sense to spend your money on skin rejuvenation treatments that have proven to be more effective at the current time. Nevertheless, keep your eye on the news because medical researchers are working hard to bring live stem cell skin care to the market.

Question of the Day: What have been the results of anti-aging skin care creams that you've tried?

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Monday, April 21, 2008
Celebrity Skin: Fergie's Health Problems
There are a lot of wonderful things that skin rejuvenation treatments can do for you. They can help you look younger. They can help you feel more refreshed. But there are some limitations to what they can offer in terms of saving your skin from the damage that you do to it.

Awful Plastic Surgery points to the case of Fergie, the singer/actress who reportedly had a drug problem with crystal meth in the past. The article points out that Fergie's looking none too pretty in some ways and suggests that it could be because of the serious damage that crystal meth does to your skin.

Of course, most of us don't have a drug problem and the damage that we do to our skin can be repaired with treatments like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing. But it's a good idea to remember that skin rejuvenation is something that can only work with the basic foundation that's already there. A healthy diet, proper sun care and generally taking care of ourselves can make it a lot easier for the doctors to do their work well!

Question of the Day: Do you think that there's any way for cosmetic surgery to help when you've destroyed your body with a drug like crystal meth?

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Friday, April 18, 2008
Use Saline for Dermal Filler Practice
Many people are highly interested in the use of dermal fillers. These injectable products can smooth away wrinkles, plump up the skin and take years off of your appearance. They're a relatively simple procedure to get. Nevertheless, new patients are typically anxious about their first treatment. The main reason is that they can never really picture what the result is going to look like.

Skin rejuvenation doctors use many different methods to show patients what they will look like with the dermal fillers that they are considering getting. The most common of these methods is to use computer imaging to create a photo of what the new look will be. This is useful but still isn't enough to satisfy some customers who just can't picture their new face by looking at a 2D image.

One method that doctors are using to resolve this problem is temporary saline injections. Saline is inserted into the same area that the dermal filler will be used on. It provides a similar effect but only lasts for about twenty four hours. Patients can spend the day looking at their new face in different lighting and settings in order to make sure that the dermal filler injections will be right for them.

It's a little bit pricey to consider doing this since saline injections cost more than digital imaging. However, for the wary patient, it may be worth the cost for the peace of mind to know that you're going to like the finished product of your cosmetic work. Ask your doctor if this is something that he or she can do for you.

Question of the Day: What do you see as the pros and cons of pre-injection saline?

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
What's Al Pacino's Anti-Aging Secret?
Al Pacino is one of those Hollywood men who seems to have aged well. Does he just naturally have a tendency to look young or has he engaged in treatments that have kept his relatively youthful appearance (and kept him in the spotlight of leading roles)? Any sign that he's gotten cosmetic work done is just speculation but some people hypothesize that he's been getting treatments of various kinds for years.

Make Me Heal recently suggested that he's had a series of procedures done over the course of the past 10+ years. They believe that he's recently had some intensive plastic surgery done. But they also think that he's been getting non-invasive or minimally-invasive anti-aging work done since the early '90's.

Their suspicions lean in favor of laser resurfacing and dermal fillers. They say that refreshed eyes, tight skin and an absence of wrinkles are the indicators that lead them to believe that this is true. Perhaps. Pacino isn't saying anything about it.

Question of the Day: Do you think that Pacino has had non-invasive cosmetic work done?

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Reducing Chin Fat
There's nothing attractive about fat under your chin. The double-chin is one of the biggest indicators that you've gained more weight than you're comfortable with. Unfortunately, many people don't know what can be done to eliminate the double chin other than to drastically lose weight.

A new company hopes to change that. They're testing out a drug that might be useful in eliminating small amounts of fat underneath the chin.They are currently in the pre-production phase of the drug but if tests are successful then they would eventually release this product to the market.

There are similar products on the market already for those who don't want to wait. One option that many people opt for is laser liposuction. This procedure actually dissolves the fat underneath the chin and then tightens the skin in the area to get rid of the look that makes you so unhappy.

Question of the Day: Why do you think we're so unhappy when we see a double chin forming on our faces?

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Why Other Dermal Fillers Aren't As Dangerous as Botox
Fears that Botox may be harmful to the body have caused a significant drop in the use of the injections among people seeking cosmetic enhancement for their appearance. However, we shouldn't see a similar drop in the other dermal fillers that serve the same purpose as Botox. That's due to the fact that the problem that's cropping up with Botox is directly related to an ingredient that other dermal fillers do not contain.

The concern is that scientists now believe that Botox may be able to get into the body, traveling along the nervous system and ultimately reaching the brain. (Learn more from Newsweek.) You might want the wrinkles on your face smoothed away but you don't want the same thing done to the ridges of your brain so this is obviously something to look into.

However, the problem is that Botox's primary ingredient is the botulism toxin which can be seriously harmful to the body. There is no indication that other dermal fillers will reach the brain in the same way ... and it should be noted that there ingredients are not as potentially harmful as those in Botox. Alternatives include Collagen which uses bovine collagen as a primary ingredient, Radiesse which has the active ingredient Calcium Hydoxyl-apatite and Restylane which is made from Hyaluronic Acid.

Question of the Day: Have you stopped Botox treatments since hearing the recent news about it?

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Monday, April 14, 2008
Sunless Tanning Banned for Some People in Australia
Many people opt to get sunless tanning done at their local salon rather than to spend time out in the sun. That's because it is believed to be a safer method of getting a tan due to the fact that you're tanning in a controlled environment. However, the safety of sunless tanning depends on a lot of factors.

Not all groups of people should be tanning, whether it's in the salon or out on the beach. People who have very fair skin tones run the risk of exposing themselves to health concerns when they go tanning. For the purposes of sunless tanning, there are different levels of skin types. Type 1, the fairest of skin type, is warned that tanning is a bad idea.

Now the legislators in Australia have decided that they're going to keep these people safe. Starting January 1, 2009, a ban will go into effect which will prevent these people from being allowed to tan at local solariums. The ban will also make it so that teens are not legally allowed to tan at salons.

There is some debate as to whether or not such a ban is a good idea. On the one hand, protecting consumers is good. On the other hand, these people may just opt to tan in the sun which could have worse effects.

Question of the Day: Do you think a sunless tanning ban for certain populations is a good idea?

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Friday, April 11, 2008
Housing Slump Causes Botox Decline
Most people these days are starting to feel a bit of a budget crunch. With gas prices on the rise and the economy on the decline, people are looking at where they can trim a little fat from their spending. One of the first things to go could be the cosmetic treatments that people love but consider to be a luxury.

The Detroit News reports on a specific set of Beverly Hills women who used to schedule their Botox injections together. Slowly, they each started cancelling on one another until someone finally admitted that she just couldn't continue to afford the treatments.

The report says that the problem is facing fans of dermal fillers all across the nation. When money gets tight, people need to cut back where they can.

However, it's possible to continue getting treatments while spending less money. Options include choosing a less expensive dermal filler, spacing your treatments further apart and working with your doctor to reduce the costs of the procedure.

Question of the Day: Would Botox be among the first things in your life to go if you saw a budget problem in your near future?

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Thursday, April 10, 2008
At Least One Beckham Gives Up Botox
Many people are shying away from Botox these days and Victoria Beckham is no exception. The Spice Girls singer and wife of soccer star David Beckham has reportedly said that she doesn't like the effects of Botox on her face and is going to be foregoing any future treatments.

Most people who are straying from Botox these days are replacing their treatments with other types of dermal filler injections. The main reason that people are switching from Botox is because of concerns about the botulism toxin that is in the treatment. Other dermal fillers offer the same effects without using that ingredient. However, Beckham says she's not going to be using any replacement dermal fillers. Instead, she's relying on a diet change that involves an increase in the consumption of goji berries for more natural plumping of the skin.

In the past it was noted that Beckham got her treatments done with her hubby. There is no mention of whether David Beckham is also foregoing Botox which seems to indicate that he likes the results better than his wife does.

Question of the Day: Do you think that natural treatments can provide the same cosmetic results as Botox injections can?

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Mayor Removes Wrinkles to Improve Statute of His Likeness
Imagine if a statue of you was going to be made and it was going to stand in your city's downtown section. Would you be immediately thrilled at the prospect of having your likeness located in the heart of your town? Or would you be panicked at the idea that this permanent image of you might look just a little too realistic?

Dick Greco, former mayor of Tampa, found himself feeling a little bit of both ways when he discovered that a Bronze statue of himself was going to be erected in the new downtown plaza that is named after him. Sure he was pleased. But when the sculptor started crafting the wrinkles in Greco's face, he got to thinking that this wasn't quite the way he wanted to be remembered.

Luckily for Greco, he's married to a woman who does anti-aging treatments for a living. He took the time to go to her clinic and get some facial rejuvenation done to get rid of some of those wrinkles. It worked. And sure enough, the sculptor changed his design after seeing him again. Greco may be in his seventies but that doesn't mean he wants to forever look old!

Question of the Day: Would you expect a government official to be interested in anti-aging treatments?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Benefits of Anti-Aging Laser Treatments
There was a news article published recently which told the success story of a woman who had opted to get skin rejuvenation as an anti-aging treatment. She got laser surgery and chemical peels to get rid of freckles and fine lines. The woman was happy with the results and is glad that she had the work done.

Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of the treatment that were cited:

- Improvement in both the tone and the texture of the skin.

- Elimination of all of the fine lines around the face. She called it a "magic eraser" experience.

- Looking as young on the outside as one feels on the inside. There's a lot to be said for being comfortable in your own skin.

- Easier than more invasive plastic surgery options.

- Repair of sun damage that was caused during a time when we didn't know as much about caring for ourselves when we're out in the sun.

In other words, the treatments allowed this patient to look and feel younger without causing her to experience much pain or expend much energy.

Question of the Day: What are some of the other benefits of skin rejuvenation treatments designed for anti-aging?

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Monday, April 07, 2008
Anti-Aging Suffusion System Unveiled at ASLMS
Last week we saw a great number of dermatologists and other skin care professionals gather together in Florida for the 28th Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference (ASLMS). A great number of products were promoted through presentations at this conference. One of the most interesting of these products was the Parisian Peel(R) Suffusion System.

"The non-invasive, pain-free Suffusion System is the first of its kind in the industry and represents a completely new method for achieving clinically validated dermal penetration down to the cellular level." (source)

Boiled down to the basics, it is a product which combines a basic chemical peel with a dermal infusion. The purpose is to increase the formation of collagen, improve skin tue and skin hue and increase the moisturization of the skin. In other words, it's designed to make your face look better by brightening it up, smoothing it out and making sure that it's not dry.

Not all doctors are making use of this new technique. However, there are other products available that can also offer some of these same effects. If you've been thinking that your skin isn't really looking its best lately, you might want to ask your doctor if there is a similar treatment that would be good for you.

Question of the Day: Would you be interested in attending an annual skin care conference such as ASLMS?

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Friday, April 04, 2008
Don't Get Hair Removal From a Bottle
One of the most popular treatments at a skin rejuvenation doctor's office is laser hair removal. Unfortunately this means that there are also a lot of people out there who are interested in laser hair removal but don't want to pay the money to go to a real doctor to get it done. These people frequently turn to over the counter hair removal creams to get the results without putting in the time and money. As you may have guessed, the results are not nearly as consistent with these over-the-counter creams as they are with in-office laser hair removal procedures.

In fact, a new report warns strongly against using over-the-counter creams without consulting a doctor (whether they're for hair removal, muscle aches or any other physical concern you may have). They particularly warn against creams compounded by a niche pharmacy because these aren't regulated by the FDA.

This isn't to say that you can never use topical creams for beauty of health reasons. It's just a warning that you should make sure to consult a doctor before making use of medicines that are sold over the counter. As for the laser hair removal situation - it's a procedure that isn't that expensive and is well worth the money if you're seeking permanent - and safe - removal of body hair.

Question of the Day: Do you take your chances on topical creams or do you check them out with a doctor before use?

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Thursday, April 03, 2008
4 Reasons Dermal Fillers are Hot Right Now
Newswise has a summary of a new report by the Harvard Women's Health Watch which says that dermal fillers are on the rise amongst women seeking to look younger but disinterested in traditional facial plastic surgery.

There are four basic reasons cited as to why women are currently interested in dermal fillers. Those reasons are:

1. Instant gratification. Most dermal fillers start to show their effects immediately which satisfies the urge to see instant results.

2. They're non-invasive. Many women are seeking non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery that don't skimp on results. Dermal fillers fall into that category.

3. Limited side effects. Who wants to get surgery when it involves some nasty side effects? Dermal fillers limit the impact while maximizing rewards.

4. Reasonable costs. In addition to being lower in cost, the fact that dermal fillers are an ongoing procedure (with multiple treatments over time) provides an affordable option for those who need to make payments on their procedures.

In other words, dermal fillers are cheaper, easier and more immediately effective than plastic surgery procedures such as face lifts.

Question of the Day: What would cause you to choose a facelift over dermal fillers - or vice versa?

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008
Are Smart Women Dumb When It Comes To Skin Care?
A news article earlier this week over at took a look at the importance of being smart when it comes to choosing the skin rejuvenation doctor who is going to provide you with treatments such as laser hair removal, dermal filler injections and chemical peels. Profiling a med spa that opted to open its doors next to a plastic surgeon in order to make sure that there could always be a qualified doctor present for procedures, the articles points out that you should take your time in choosing the location where you are going to get work of this nature done.

There's a great quote in the article from a woman who suffered burns from a chemical peel that wasn't done properly. She says:

"I'm always amazed at the number of smart women who make dumb decisions when it comes to their skin care," she said. "They'll spend hours picking out the perfect pair of jeans yet will pick a medical spa out of the phone book. ... I got smart very quickly" after the skin injury.

This quote highlights a really important aspect of skin rejuvenation - you should do your research! You want to make sure to interview your treatment provider and check their qualifications in order to get the best care necessary. This is true of any doctor and shouldn't be taken less seriously just because the procedure that you're getting might be non-invasive. Care for yourself in advance so that you don't have to remedy yourself from a bad treatment.

Question of the Day: How much energy are you willing to put in to finding a great skin rejuvenation doctor?

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Celebrity Botox: Lulu gives it up but doesn't rule out other treatments
Lulu Kennedy-Cairns, known to most people in Europe by only her first name, is a Scottish singer-songwriter and television personality who has gained a decent modicum of fame overseas over the years. About to enter her sixties, Lulu has long been using Botox to reduce the wrinkles in her face and gain a more youthful appearance. However, she recently said that she's giving up the Botox because she doesn't like the results of it anymore.

Lulu apparently really liked the effects of Botox when she first began getting treatments. However, as time has gone on, she has found that the Botox injections have limited movement in her face in a way that she just doesn't think is beautiful. She's opted to give up those injections in order to have a more expressive face, even if it means that wrinkles are going to crop up as a result. She hopes that through healthy eating and exercise, she can reduce those wrinkles naturally.

However, that doesn't mean that this celebrity is ruling out all cosmetic treatments. She says that she may (or may not) be interested in others and offers the sage advice to do all cosmetic surgery and non-invasive surgery in moderation. She also warns that you should always get a good doctor to do the work!

Question of the Day: Did Lulu look better once she started getting Botox injections?

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