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Is CoolSculpting right for me?
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I exercise at least three times a week, eat my veggies everyday, take vitamins everyday, and I'm always buying diet products. Over the past six months, the products I've used have all been from Complete Nutrition, which is expensive. But, I still am overweight. Could CoolSculpting work for me?
Am I a candiate for CoolSculpting if I have a liver disease that's under control?
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I have autoimmune chronic active Hepatitis. The condition is under control, but I wonder whether CoolSculpting is right for me?
After having three children, my tummy doesn't look like it once did. Will CoolSculpting help me get rid of some of the belly fat?
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I have had a tummy and have tired pretty much everything. I am just looking for some help with getting rid of some more fat. I have 3 daughters, but they are all grown. This tells you how long I have been dealing with this. Will CoolSculpting help?
Can CoolScultping get rid of man boobs? If not, is there another procedure you can suggest?
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I have lost 140lbs, but have not been able to get rid of my man boobs. Is CoolSculpting the right procedure for this? If not, what would you recommend?
Can CoolSculpting be done on male breasts?
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I have male breasts and would like to reduce and sculpt them, but am unsure what treatment is best. Would CoolSculpting be a good option?
Should I get Coolsculpting if I plan on having another child?
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I would love to have it done but plan to have one more child in a year or two. Is it worth it to have it done now or do I have to wait till after baby 2?
Is CoolSculpting better than Thermage for tightening belly fat?
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I had Thermage done on my lower and upper abs on 09/2011. I still have a sagging belly. I want to know if I would be better off with cool sculpting? I was in so much pain during Thermage. My main problem is after pregnancy, my lower ab is saggy and I have a spare tire appearance from under my breast to my belly button. If I am looking for tightening this area and removing the fat, which is better?
If I want to do both coolsculpting and accent xl, which should happen first?
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I was wondering which procedure to have first, coolsculpt or accent xl?
Does this treatment help with skin tightening?
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I am looking for a treatment that helps with laxed skin as well as body contouring for the abdomen area.
Will I see any results within the first 2 months with CoolSculpting?
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How quick, can I expect to see improvement/results?


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