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Vermont Facial Aesthetics
Carol Boerner, MD
320 Main Street, Suite 3
Norwich, VT 05055
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Facility Information


At our clinic in Norwich, Vermont we offer three primary services:

  • Facial Rejuvenation with Botox Cosmetic and Dermal Fillers
  •  Non-Surgical Body Sculpting with the EXILIS machine
  • Athenique Ageless Skincare

All three help you to look rejuvenated, refreshed and recharged. People will notice, but think that you may have just returned from a relaxing vacation or that you have lost some weight or that you “just look great”.

Our treatments are designed for the person who wants to age beautifully. The three treatment types can be used individually or in combination. We invite you to have a complimentary consultation so we can review your desires. We can then explain and plan the best way to help you achieve your goal of ageing beautifully.

We offer Botox treatment for wrinkles, Juvederm  for deeper folds and Exilis for skin tightening and fat melting. We also sell lotions, potions and supplements that will help you continue to look good.

The word Aesthetic means the appreciation of beauty. Obviously, everyone has his/her own idea of what  beauty is. This office wants you to look “really good ” for whatever age you are. We aim for subtle non-remarkable changes, NEVER a face lift look!  Having you look refreshed, relaxed and revitalized after a visit here is our goal.

The same muscles that animate your face, over decades cause wrinkles in the skin they move. Birthdays and gravity cause faces to sag and crease in on themselves. Thus, in order to rejuvenate a face, we must make certain muscles stop pulling on the skin and put in substance to re-inflate, so to speak, a sagging face. This is how we do it ……

First we look at your face together. What bothers you the most? Is it those vertical lines between your eyebrows, caused by frowning? Is it the horizontal lines across your forehead from pulling up your brows? Do the webs of smile lines outside your eyes perturb you the most? For lines made by muscle motion, we can de-activate the muscle by injecting Botox (the trade name for botulinum toxin) into the muscles causing the lines. It takes 3-4 days for the Botox to have its effect on the muscle. It works by preventing the nerve signal from getting to the muscle to tell it to contract. The injections are given every 3-4 months so the muscles never get a chance to reactivate, or regain their strength. Eventually, Botox touch-ups are needed every 6-10 months. The lines will fade over time. For very deep wrinkles, a dermal filler may need to be placed in the line itself to fully blur it away. My goal is to leave your face still full of movement and expression, but not with pronounced lines.

What is done for deep folds in the face, like the lines from nose to mouth, so wonderfully named parentheses in the Juvederm ads? These, as well as marionette lines, the lines down from the corners of the mouth, are softened by adding dermal (meaning skin) fillers. We use fillers made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring, major component of skin and eyes. This natural compound can even be dissolved away if you are not happy with the result. Dermal fillers like Juvederm and Restalyn last up to 8-10 months depending on your metabolism. When placed in your tissue these fillers also stimulate your body to make more  tissue to support your skin again. If you have had  cold sores in the area that we want to treat, please tell me because you need to take anti-viral pills before we  treat you to prevent an outbreak!

Another annoyance from birthday accumulation is changes in the lips and mouth area. The distance from the base of the nose to the top of the lip line lengthens as the upper lip deflates and turns in. Doesn’t this seem awful? Not only that, but vertical etchings appear at the lip margin, even if you never smoked. Certain deep vertical lines can be individually filled with dermal filler, and volume replacement in the nose to lip area can smooth out a lot of lighter lines. The lips themselves can be plumped so the upper lip regains its Cupid’s bow. It is these more subtle treatments that can really enhance your face. Subtle as the changes are, they make your face look much more relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a good idea to replenish your filler before it is totally gone, so you continue to always look good


Physician Profile

Carol Boerner, MD

Dr. Boerner is now returning to her love of facial aesthetics and has opened a Medical Spa in Norwich, Vermont. She has studied aging faces for the last 30 years, and has acquired the skills to enhance and rejuvenate them. She looks forward to working closely with you to create a healthy relaxed appearance. You are invited to learn more about Dr. Boerner and how she can help you to achieve the face that you desire.

Dr. Carol Boerner was born and educated in Philadelphia at The Agnes Irwin School. She pursued studies in Biology, Art, and Architecture at The University of Pennsylvania. One of her extra-curricular activities was doing makeup at the Hal Prince Theatre at Penn. After completing her medical education at Jefferson Medical College she interned at The Bryn Mawr Hospital. In what can only be called a “gap year”, Dr. Boerner worked as an Emergency Room physician near home and as a Primary Care doctor for the Indian Health Service in Coulee Dam Washington, Barrow Alaska, and Philadelphia Mississippi. She completed her Residency in Ophthalmology at Emory University in Atlanta, where she also did her fellowship in the then new field of Intraocular Lenses and Ophthalmic Lasers.

Dr. Boerner also founded Eyes of Boston, the premier solo cataract surgery practice in Boston for many years. She has published more than 23 papers, taught surgery, and lectured all over the world. While cataracts were her primary focus, she also did eyelid surgery and repairs. After moving to her farmlet in Vermont, she practiced ophthalmology in New Hampshire.

Today, she is happy to be working with people from all over the Upper Valley. Her new Medical Spa is centrally located in Norwich, Vermont and it is easily accessed from both Interstates 89 and 91.

Procedures & Services


Juvederm smooths away your facial folds . . .

Juvederm is a gel-like, soft tissue filler that I use to instantly smooth away the vertical lines between your nose to mouth, and mouth to chin. Many patients achieve smooth and natural-looking results lasting up to a year with just one treatment.

If you want to learn more about how Juvederm can help you  look less stressed, then I invite you to read the complete details below. We will work together to create that softer look so that everyone will simply think you are relaxed and refreshed.


Unlike Juvederm, a soft tissue filler, Botox blocks the release of a chemical called acetylcholine which triggers the muscle contractions that create wrinkles.

I use Botox to soften the wrinkles between the your eyes, your crow’s feet, your frown lines, and furrows in your forehead.

Botox has been used  routinely since the 1980s for cosmetic procedures. The wrinkle preventing effects of Botox normally last for approximately three to four months, and must be replenished regularly.


Exilis Reduces Your Fat . . .  Contours Your Body . . . Tightens Your Skin . . . Minimizes Your Wrinkles . . .

An Exilis procedure offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles and of targeted fat deposits. Exilis uses radio frequency energy to heat the collagen in the skin to cause it to tighten over time, effectively reducing wrinkles.

Vermont Facial Aesthetics is proud to be the first in the Upper Valley area to offer this new treatment.

Athenique Ageless Skincare

No Spa would be complete without an esthetician to coddle and enhance your skin. We are delighted that Vernell Sutherland, formerly of  Bellingham, Washington, will be seeing clients at Vermont Facial Aesthetics. Please go to to learn about her work and make your appointments.


Services Offered

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