JUVEDERM® in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (SD)

JUVEDERM is a dermal filler, it's a gel and is FDA approved. People who have tried JUVEDERM are happier with the results than with other dermal fillers, it's safe, and people all skin types and ethnicities can use it. The JUVEDERM injection procedure takes only 15 minutes and results are immediate. There is little to no downtime and there's minimal recovery time needed.

Your doctor will use a fine needle to inject the JUVEDERM gel underneath your skin in order to fill the soft tissue of the dermis or the dense inner layer of your skin beneath the epidermis. This process adds volume and diminishes wrinkles and folds.

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 At LazaDerm Skincare Centre our vision is to provide you with state of the art, minimally invasive procedures for skin and body rejuvenation, at an affordable price. We are passionate about helping you achieve exceptional results with the very latest cosmetic techniques and technology, and with the most expert professional care.

Whatever procedure you undergo at our center, you will benefit from the expertise of the medical director and owner, Lornell Hansen II, MD. Dr. Hansen is Board Certified in Family Medicine and Phlebology. He is also a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Liposuction Surgery, American College of Phlebology, and the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery.

As head of one of the top skincare treatment centers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dr. Hansen is continually educating himself and his staff on the newest and most innovative cosmetic products and procedures. From cutting-edge laser systems for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, to exciting new techniques for non-surgical facelifts and nose jobs, our clients benefit from the very latest developments in the cosmetic industry.

At LazaDerm Skincare Centre, we offer a comprehensive menu of cosmetic and laser procedures. Dr. Hansen performs more Botox® injections than anyone else in the state and region, and he is also an experienced injector of dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane, Sculptra, Perlane and Artefill. His extensive experience means you’ll be injected with the proper dosage and technique for the safest, most satisfying results.

As one of the top skincare treatment centers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the LazaDerm Skincare Centre can offer our clients the very latest in laser cosmetic technology available around the world. For skin rejuvenation, we offer everything from the “gold standard” Luminous CO2 laser, which boosts collagen over time, to fractional resurfacing technology for flawless skin. We also harness specialized lasers for the fastest and most effective vein treatments, hair removal, and tattoo removal.

Our many leading body sculpting techniques include CoolSculpting, power assisted liposuction, and laser assisted tumescent liposuction. For clients interested in achieving long-term weight loss, we also offer TrueBody, a medically supervised, protein-based weight management plan, centered around daily menus, nutritional supplements, and constant hydration.

Trust your appearance to one of the best skincare treatment centers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Book your appointment at LazaDerm Skincare Centre today!


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