Laser Resurfacing in McAllen, Texas (TX)

Laser resurfacing can be performed with the Pixel laser. The Pixel laser is a fractional ablative laser that gives the most unsurpassed treatment offered for skin laser resurfacing. It stimulates collagen regeneration at the same time improving the quality and texture of the dermis.

Laser Resurfacing Procedure

A prearranged laser beam is passed transversely over your face. The beam penetrates your skin making an ablative and thermal episode without troubling any of the surrounding tissue. The treated areas begin their course of healing as the collagen is rejuvenated; your skin tightens leaving you with a smoother surface texture.

Full results are evident 1-3 months after treatment, and some side effects like peeling and redness may occur temporarily. Because a laser is involved it minimizes the chances of infection. It is not necessary to have pain medication and in most cases you can go back to work immediately following treatment.

About Beautique Medical Spa

Beautique medical spa is located in West McAllen, making it a convenient location for the entire valley area. We specialize in providing our guests with the transformative cosmetic results they desire in a comfortable environment. Beautique is proud to be the valley's first and premier medical spa, and it continues to be a leader in the field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Here at Beautique, we are committed to offering you results oriented treatments combined with the warmth and kindness of our caring staff. Our skilled estheticians and board certified medical director work together to bring you dramatically healthier skin, improved body shape and tone, and overall health and well being for you.  

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