Smart Lipo in Dallas, Texas (TX)

Smart lipo is an amazing new way that you can have unwanted body fat removed with minimal pain. There are no bulky tubes or uncomfortable office visits that were once necessary for liposuction, because SmartLipo has smaller instruments and a unique technology that zaps fat cells for contouring and reshaping areas of the that include the abdomen, love handles, backs, thighs, hips, knees, arms, neck and chin.

Your surgeon will fill the targeted area with buffered lidocaine, a numbing agent. This solution will not only numb the site, but will shrink your blood vessels as well. The laser is inserted into the skin and heats the fat cells to 45 degrees centigrade, resulting in a breakdown of membranes and release of liquid fat. A small incision is made in the area and tiny tubes are inserted to suck out the dissolved fat cells. As the laser melts the fats, it also coagulates the loose ends of small blood vessels. Compression garments are optional as the area will not bleed very much after the laser is removed. The healing-tissues do the rest of the work in contracting the treated area as well as the overlying skin.

About Innovations Medical

Finding a Dallas skin care center does not have to be hard work. With Innovations Med Spa, patients are exposed to the best in skin care technology and treatment. Dr. Bill J. Johnson, MD provides his patients with the very best the medical research industry has to offer. Utilizing the most advanced equipment and technology, Dr. Johnson and his experienced staff provide tremendous patient care and maintain a high patient satisfaction rate. Many people feel embarrassed about their skin conditions and seek help in finding relief or cures to their ailments. Finding a Dallas skin care center that cares about its patients and provides the very best in skin treatment technology is important in one’s journey to find successful treatment. This Dallas skin care center and Dr. Johnson provide the most effective and efficient methods available to ensure a patient is given the best opportunities for success. Using the most advanced equipment, the center is committed to safety and sanitation. The procedures are done in the most sanitary and safest conditions to ensure a patient’s well-being is looked after throughout the procedure. Some services offered include acne treatment, Blue Peel, Botox, Blue Light, Refirme, Sculptra and Smart Lipo to name a few. With so many options available, patients are sure to find what they are looking for.

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