News Welcomes Alaska Dermatology and Laser Center!

Alaska Dermatology and Laser Center in Anchorage, Alaska has allowed many patients to achieve desired cosmetic goals in their comfortable and well-equipped facilities. All medical professionals on staff have been thoroughly trained and are eager to assist patients in achieving certain medical or cosmetic goals. Patients interested in receiving treatment at this facility should discuss these goals with a medical professional on staff to determine which treatment options may provide the best results. A variety of treatments are used at this clinic to ensure that patients are presented with a wide selection when seeking treatment. Among the treatments offered at this clinic are chemical peels in Anchorage, dermal fillers in Anchorage and fractional resurfacing in Anchorage. Patients may also choose to undergo laser resurfacing in Anchorage or LipoDissolve in Anchorage. These are just a few of the many treatment options available to patients at this facility. For a complete list of all treatments and procedures available, patients should contact a member of the medical staff.

Also serving the following cities near Anchorage AK:
Anchorage | Elmendorf Air Force Base | Fort Richardson | Indian

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