Acne Treatment in Dallas, TX

Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center
David A. Engleman MD, FACC
8117 Preston Road
Suite 470
Dallas, Texas 75225
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Acne Treatment near Dallas, TX (Texas)

5575 Warren Parkway
Suite 208
Frisco, Texas 75034
Distance: 25.53 Miles
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Toll Free: 866-559-5914

About Acne Treatment

Forms of Acne Treatment Include: Laser resurfacing, the laser removes the damaged top layer of skin and tightens the middle layer, leaving skin smoother. Dermabrasion, which utilizes a rotating wire brush or spinning diamond instrument to wear down the surface of the skin. As the skin heals, a new, smoother layer replaces the abraded skin. Fractional laser therapy is a deeper level of treatment than laser resurfacing or dermabrasion. Fractional laser therapy doesn't wound the top layer of tissue making for a more rapid healing process.

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