Blue Light Treatment in Las Vegas, Nevada

Blue light treatment is an acne treatment that works by targeting and eliminating acne-causing bacteria on your skin. The specific wavelength of blue light used in the treatment penetrates into your pores and hair follicles to kill P. acnes bacteria without harming your skin.

How blue light treatment is performed

Blue light treatment is a painless in-office treatment that only takes about 15 minutes each session. Your dermatologist will spread a cooling gel on your face and move the light wand over your skin. The wand will flash a specific wavelength of blue light on your skin to kill the bacteria that causes acne. You may feel a warming sensation from the light, but it is not uncomfortable.

Recently, at-home blue light devices made by different manufacturers have become popular. They work the same way as professional blue light devices, but they don’t offer the same light strength and are less effective than professional-grade treatments from your dermatologist.

Recovery and results

There’s no downtime from blue light treatment, but you may have some temporary minor discomfort. Most dermatologists will recommend multiple blue light treatments for optimal results. The amount of sessions you’ll need can vary, but about six sessions once or twice a week is common. 

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