Facial in Killeen, Texas

Facials are multi-step skin treatments designed to thoroughly cleanse and rejuvenate the skin in a non-invasive, comfortable way. Some people may discount facials as being simply relaxing. While it is true that facials are quite soothing, they do also provide great benefits for the skin. Facials provide deep cleansing, cause large pores to shrink, increase dermal circulation, and reduce the effects of years of sun exposure. Although facials at different facilities are never exactly the same, most have some common components. These include cleaning the surface of the skin, using some method of exfoliation, extraction of the impurities from blocked pores, application of astringent, and the use of good moisturizing products. All of the steps of a facial are performed using a special massage technique for the face called effleurage which is designed to increase circulation and relax the recipient. Cleansing is done during facials with the aid of special solutions which remove all of the oils, dirt and bacteria from the top surface of skin. They are applied with cotton balls or cosmetic pads and are usually removed with warm cloths. Once the skin has been examined with a magnifying glass to locate any areas which need special attention, the exfoliation process begins. The aesthetician may apply a chemical exfoliant or use a manual scrub which contains special crystals to sand away dead skin cells and encourage new growth. The exfoliation process done during facials helps to thicken thinning skin and works below the surface to remove debris. er exfoliation, an astringent is applied to remove any remaining scrub, soothe the area, and shrink the open pores. Then a quality moisturizer is applied. Facials always end with this important step, and the chosen products usually include a powerful sunscreen to prevent future skin damage. Clients typically leave a facial feeling and looking more refreshed than when he or she arrived. Contact a local provider to schedule a facial today.

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