LATISSE® in Lafayette, Indiana

LATISSE® is a recent introduction to the world of cosmetic treatments, and the first FDA-approved product for the growth of upper eyelashes. Regular daily application of LATISSE® results in the growth of new, thicker, darker upper lashes in 80 percent of the women who use it as directed.
Using a special applicator supplied with the product, LATISSE® is applied to the base of upper lashes only – not lower lashes – where the eyelash meets the skin of the upper lid. Applications must be made daily to see the effects of LATISSE® which begin to appear within 4 to 8 weeks of initial application. Full effects of the LATISSE® treatment will become visible at 16 weeks after the first use, and can be maintained as long as the regular application is maintained. Some users have reported being able to maintain those results by applying the product every other day, once the initial 16-week period is over; however, LATISSE® manufacturer Allergan recommends daily treatment be maintained to ensure new lashes continue to grow.
You can find LATISSE® at your treating physician's office, or at most local pharmacies. The cost of a single bottle, which contains a 45-day supply of LATISSE® can range from $110 to $150.

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