Lip Enhancement in Houston, Texas

Lip enhancement using implants can be done under local anesthesia and can take a couple of hours. Lip enhancement is performed right in your physician's office as well, depending on how intricate the surgery, you will be sent home the same day.

Lip enhancement implants typically last only 12 months. Your cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions on the inside part of your lip where the implants will be placed. If you having a gore-tex implant, these are permanent and will last a lifetime unless you have the graft removed.

Recovery is determined by the procedure that you had done as well as you and your lifestyle. But for most people having lip enhancement implant surgery, they are fine within a day or two. You will probably still have some swelling and bruising that may last up to two weeks, this may make you feel a little self-conscious in public. You will also be encouraged not to exercise for a couple of weeks after your lip enhancement procedure.

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