Mesotherapy in Huntsville, Alabama

Mesotherapy is an easy set of injectable medications, vitamins, and minerals. Depending on the desired effects that you want, the area being targeted, and the problems that you hope to resolve, a number of ingredients are combined to produce the various "cocktails" that will be injected for your treatment.

For example, the mixture of ingredients used to break down fat deposits on your hips is different from that used to break down fat deposits under your eyes. Still another formula is used to address the fat under your chin. Cellulite and facial rejuvenation treatments require another set of ingredients altogether to obtain your desired results.

The medications that make up the Mesotherapy cocktails work to break down the fat located underneath your skin. The medications force the membrane of the fat cell to collapse and what is left travels through the bloodstream and is removed from your body through the kidneys and bowel.

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