Synergie in Medford, Oregon

Synergie offers several choices for men and women interested in restoring aging skin's youthful appearance. One of these treatments is done using Synergie Aesthetic Massage. During this procedure, the care provider uses a machine that acts like a vacuum. Applying this suction instrument to the skin surface brings blood rushing to the site. This stimulates collagen to grow beneath the epidermis to tone the skin and also transports the toxins being release by the massaging action away from the treatment site. By breaking up and dispersing subcutaneous fat deposits, the circumference of the thighs, waist, hips, and abdomen are often reduced by several inches.

Facial rejuvenation is also a procedure available through Synergie technology. A trained technician may use Synergie Light Therapy or Synergie Microdermabrasion Therapy either by themselves or in conjunction with other types of skin treatments to make wrinkles less obvious, to balance discoloration of the skin, to reduce bags under the eyes, or to improve skin elasticity. The Synergie treatments can be spread out over several months, but most providers suggest a schedule of two times a week when clients first begin a Synergie skin care regimen.

The FDA reviewed the data provided from rigorous research and approved Synergie for use by skin care specialists. It has an excellent safety record and has had no reported side effects. However, pregnant women should not be treated with Synergie Aesthetic Massage, and people who take aspirin daily or are on other drugs which keep the blood thinned should approach this treatment with caution, as bruising may result.

Synergie is an aesthetic procedure, and therefore not typically covered by insurance carriers. It is cost-effective, however, because in most cases it requires no hospital stay, anesthesia, or drugs for pain. People desiring an effective method of firming sagging skin, improving circulation, and gaining a more vibrant appearance should explore the Synergie systems. Call a local provider to schedule a consultation and receive more detailed information about this revolutionary process.

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