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Does Palomar 1540 fractional resurfacing help with pigmented lesions?
(0 answers)
I know Palomar fraction resurfacing helps patients who have melasma, but I wasn't sure if it could be used to treat sun damaged lesions.
Can Ultherapy be performed after having radiation to the neck and parotid gland?
(0 answers)
I had a neck dissection over 6 months ago and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. All in all, everything was completed just over 3 months. Has anyone had Ultherapy after radiation to the head and neck? If so, is it safe and what where the results?
Cosmelan left black marks and hair on my face, what should I do now?
(0 answers)
My face has a lot of acne, large pores and red marks. I'm currently using Cosmelan and it gives great results. The only problem is that now I'm left with black marks, which I think are due to being in the sun and hot heat. I live in Pakistan, so we have hot weather. What should I do? Should I discontinue using Cosmelan, or do you know how I can continue to use Cosmelan without getting the black marks?
Is there an age limit when it comes to getting SmartLipo? Can the procedure rid my muffin top?
(3 answers)
I am a 58 yr old woman who is trying to decide whether to get SmartLipo. I am in good health, 5 ft 4 in & weigh 130 pounds. I cannot get rid of my muffin top, and in clothes I look terrible. The plastic surgeon said I was a perfect candidate, what are your thoughts? Am I too old for SmartLipo? If I get the procedure, will it help me with my problem area?
Can Botox be used to treat Bell's Palsy?
(3 answers)
I was in the emergency room this past Sunday and was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the left side. I know someone who had it much more severe than I. I'm wondering if Botox can help my condition?
Can I undergo laser treatment for hair reduction while taking isotretinoin 20 mg?
(1 answer)
I have been taking isotretinoin 20 mg for the past 4 months, can I undergo laser treatment for hair reduction while taking this dosage? Or, how long should I wait, after I stop taking isotretinoin 20 mg, before starting laser hair removal treatment?
How soon can I exfoliate after Voluma?
(0 answers)
I just received Voluma injections into my cheeks and I am thrilled with the results. I had zero bruising and/or swelling. How soon afterward can I exfoliate?
Will laser hair removal reduce the thickness of the hairs on my chin once they grow back?
(2 answers)
I am from South East Asia, have a pale complexion and am suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes the hair on my chin to be thick. Which laser technique will suit me? Will it reduce the thickness of those hairs once they grow back?

Does botox work on dark under eye circles?
(6 answers)
I was wondering if Botox or any other procedure would help with dark circles under my eyes. They look really bad, and I really need to address this issue. Thank you.
When having an IPL treatment done, will you get an even consistency?
(6 answers)
When you have a FotoFacial or IPL treatment done, does the laser treat the entire face so you get an even consistency in color?
Which treatments are best for stubborn acne?
(5 answers)
I have a lot of acne on my face and I've tried Proactive and a bunch of other acne products (which have not worked), what other possible treatments/products could I try?
What treatments work best for acne craters?
(5 answers)
I have small holes on my face that are due to previous pimples. Is there an acne treatment that would help?
Why do Dermal Fillers pose a risk to those who get cold sores?
(5 answers)
I heard that I need to tell the specialist if I get cold sores before getting dermal filler injections in my lips. Why is this?
Thick coarse hair on face, which is the best laser to get permanat results?
(5 answers)
I have thick coarse hair on my face.. under the chin and the sides of my face. Currently, I'm using a threading method to remove hair. My skin is olive and the hair is darker.
Please advise. Can I get a permnant result and which laser is best for my skin.
What is the best treatment for Melasma in Hispanic women?
(4 answers)
I've bee told that due to my hispanic skin color (olive skin tone) I am not a candidate for Laser Melasma Treatments. I was wondering if you had alternative treatments? I have tried chemical peels, Obagi, and perscripton lighting creams thus no result what are my options?
How can I get rid of a black spot from acne?
(4 answers)
I have a dark spot on my face resulting from acne. How can I treat it?
Can Botox be injected under the armpits for excessive sweating?
(4 answers)
Does this work? If not are their alternatives?

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