Can Perlane or Restylane and Radiesse be combined?

Can fillers be combined during a procedure, for example Radiesse for chin are and Restylane for eye area? Will Radiesse improve quality of skin the way Restylane does?

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Replied on 11/23/2009

By: LazaDerm Skincare Centre - Sioux Falls  |  Lornell E. Hansen, II M.D.
Sioux Falls, SD

I use combinations of fillers all of the time and even on the same day. generally when I inject Radiesse into the chin I inject deep and just above the bone so there will not be skin improvement from the Radiesse. I do not feel that you get the same improvement in the skin from Radiesse as you do from the hyaluronic acids such as Restylane or Juvederm.

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I had one injection of Radiesse 11/13, looked great by 11/15 and is now 85% gone from my face. I still have a bruise on my chin area. I am 62 years old. Will another injection of Radiesse make a difference and will I bruise again?

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Could radiesse move from one area to another after being injected?

Does Radiesse involve several treatments to even out results? (7 answers)
Is it true after the swelling goes down you may need to add more to one of the sides to adjust?

Can Radiesse have side effects such as hard lips or bumps on lips? (7 answers)
My wife had lip injections done with radiesse. No where in the side effects does it mention bumps or hard lips. Is this something to be concerned about?

Is Raidesse a good choice for lips? (6 answers)
I'm looking for a dermal filler that will last and look natural in the lips. Is Radiesse a good choice?

Is it normal to feel some numbness in my lips after lip augmentation with Radiesse? (6 answers)
It’s been three days and I still feel a bit numb.

The right side developed a solid red area along the fold after Radiesse (6 answers)
I had Radiesse 5 days ago. One of the areas injected was the nasolabial folds. After 2 days, my right side developed a solid red area along the fold.

It is now 3 days later and the area is raw, dry and developing little blisters and there is a pulsating feel. I have had Radiesse many times before and never had this side effect. What happened? What can I do? I am currently taking Alleve.

Should I massage the lumpy areas after Radiesse? (6 answers)
I had Radiess injection on the temple area. Should I message the lump (it is kind of hard under skin) ? Will the lump go away ?

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Is it safe to get extractions (facials) done once you have had Radiesse injections?

What should I do about a lump caused by Radiesse? (6 answers)
I had Radiesse in my chin and now have a small lump inside my mouth right where it was injected. What should I do? The technician said if I massage it, it will go away. Is this true?

As the Raidesse filler is absorbed is the effect maintained by the collagen formation? (5 answers)
Hello, I have had Raidesse injections in my jawline. As the filler is absorbed is the effect maintained by the collagen formation? Or, does the collagen formation provide an additional, yet different benefit?

How much does 1 syrige of Radiesse do on the face? (5 answers)
I was wondering much would 1 syringe of Radiesse be able to do on the face? Is just 1 enough for the mouth folds and upper lip area?

Can you diffuse Radiesse by getting a glycolic peel? (5 answers)
Will this help or are there better options to help diffuse Radiesse?

Can Radiesse be removed? (4 answers)
I had radiesse in my temples, but on my right side the radiesse has moved down under my eye. I have a large hard ball of radiesse under my eye, can this be rectified?

How can I treat an allergic reaction to Radiesse? (4 answers)
I receive the total of one syringe of Radiesse an inch below my eyes to fill in indentations and down on the bottom of my face to help alleviate the jowls over two weeks ago. In those areas, I've had acne, redness & swelling that continues to grow daily.

What can you do if you have side effects from the Radiesse derma filler. (3 answers)
My friend had Radiesse filler done. He is having side effects. Will it ever get better? If not what can he do?

Is Radiesse safe to use in the lips? (3 answers)
It it safe to use Radiesse in the lips?

A Bad Result with Radiesse (3 answers)
I recently had Radiesse for frown line between my eyes. The filler went toward my eye and the side of my nose, not the frown line. I have had this treatment for years, but this is the first time this has happened. Is this common? Should I avoid further injections?

Injection in Nasolabial Folds nodule (3 answers)
I had a radiesse injection for nasolabial folds about 2 1/2 weeks ago and now have a pea sized nodule on the left side at the injection site. It's causing area to be puffy/swollen. I was told to massage it that it should help it go away, which it hasn't. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What is the longest filler that you suggest? (3 answers)
What is the best filler for around the face, lips, and nose lines that will last? And how much is the typical cost for each syringe?

Can Radiesse cause infected zits? (2 answers)
A red bump with white pus appeared after a Radiesse treatment two months ago. I didn't know exactly when it came up so the doctor who injected the Radiesse said it was a zit, and I spread infection by rubbing on it. It changes in severity each day. I tend to get cystic zits and have them lanced occasionally. The dermatologist didn't know if this was a zit or from Radiesse.

I massaged my face after Radiesse and now have a bruise, what do I do?!!! (2 answers)
This was my first Radiesse treatment. The swelling has my face lopsided. They didn't explain to me that I'm not supposed to massage the swollen areas; I saw it later in my post-treatment brochure. I massaged my face and already a bruise has popped up. I'm freaking out, what have I done? What do I do?

Can the large bumps that resulted from Radiesse injections be reversed? (2 answers)
I had Radiesse injected around my nose, mouth, and chin. I now have large yellow bumps from where the Radiesse seeped into my dermis. Can it be taken out without damaging the outward appearance of my face? Also, should the specialist reimburse me for messing up?

I have a big lump on my noise and the corner of my left eye is number after having Radiesse injected. (2 answers)
I had radiesse (2 syringes) injected on my face to correct laugh lines, and after 1 day my left nose has a big lump and the corner left eye is numb.

How much cc is one syringe, and how long does it last? (2 answers)
How much cc is in each syringe, and how long does it last? I was also told to ask the doctor to put in a dental block as it hurts to bad.

I spent thousands of dollars on fillers, and they absorb or dissolve and don't work. My skin is thin, is there any hope for me? (2 answers)
The injections were $3000 of radiesse. The doctor said the reason fillers don't work is because I never had enough. I left looking like a freak, and 4 days later, it dissolved and no change. Is there anyway I can get results?

Can Soli-Tone treatments (light and micro currents) effect Radiesse? (1 answer)
I had Radiesse injections two weeks ago. I then had my fifth Soli-Tone treatment on my neck and jaw area. A couple of days later, I had lumps and swelling in my jaw area. My face seems to have changed. It is almost as if the Radiesse is going away.

Is it safe to have a Titan treatment for the face about a month after Radiesse injections? (1 answer)
Is it safe to have a Titan treatment for the face about a month after Radiesse injections? I'm worried that the heat from Titan will cause lumps and bumps in the Radiesse?

Is there any way to speed up Radiesse absorption? (1 answer)
I had Radiesse injections on the bridge of my nose 3 months ago. I'm still seeing a white dot where the needle was injected. My doctor said it's the Radiesse that's caught in my dermis. Is there any way to speed up the Radiesse absorption?

How to get rid of infection / red scar? (0 answers)
I had radiesse treatment 2 1/2 weeks ago and in the cheek area experienced redness and pain 2 days after procedure. After 1 week the pain went away but the redness did not. I am on my 2nd round of antibiotic and still red. Is other treatment to remove scar?

Should I be concerned that the Radiesse filler is trailing off into my eyelid? (0 answers)
I had Radiesse injected into my frown lines. Now, the filler is trailing off into my eyelid. What concerns should I have and how can I make it disappear?

I had Radiesse injected under my eyes 3 weeks ago and I still have a huge bump under one eye. What should I do? (0 answers)
I had Radiesse injected 3 weeks ago under my eyes and I still have a huge bump under one eye. It looks awful but the plastic surgeon that did it keeps saying it's normal. I had Radiesse injected in my cheeks before and never had a problem. What should I do?

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