Can VI Peel be performed by an Aesthetician?

Can this be performed by an Aesthetician not working in a Dr.'s office?

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Replied on 9/1/2010

By: Rejuve  |  John Tang, M.D.
Saratoga, CA

No. The concentrations and the ingredients in the ViPeel are restricted to RN, NP, and PA's working under the supervision of licensed physician.

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Can the VI Peel be performed by an esthetician? (2 answers)
Can the VI Peel be performed by an esthetician in a spa without a doctor?

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I have dark splotches on my forehead as well as my upper lip. It looks like very large freckles and seems to be Melasma. I have done some research and I'm wondering if VI Peel is the best or if there is a more effective treatment for this problem.

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Can VI peel correct or even the skin tone of dark brown skin (on my neck)?

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I had 3 VI Peel treatments but it doesn't seem to work for me. I still have hyper-pigmentation on my face. If VI Peel doesn't work for everyone, is there something else I can try for hyper-pigmentation?

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I have had a melasma problem for the last 4-5 years. There are brown spots all over my face. Would the VI peel help me? How does it work? If so, how many treatments would I need?

Will a VI peel be helpful or harmful for these conditions? (1 answer)
I am a 38 yr old male, dealing w/ acne since I was 16. Im italian, w/ a dark olive complexion. I have sun spots, and acne scars on my face, which makes me uneasy in social situations. Do you think this peel will help? Can it make my skin look worse after?

African American skin - dark spots and large pores (1 answer)
Is this truly effective on darker skin? I see specialist rave about this for african american skin but I feel its strictly because its one of the few procedures that can be done on our skin, not because you get great results?

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How is a VI peel different from a regular chemical peel? (1 answer)
What makes it better?

Why would there be more brown spots on my forehead after the peeling process? (1 answer)
Why would there be more brown spots on my forehead after the peeling process?

I am hispanic and just finished the peeling process after my first time doing the vi peel. I look worse now than I did before.

What are the risks of the VI peel? (1 answer)
My Dr said there is a risk of pigmentation changes, ie brown spots could get worse. My skin is pretty even toned, could it cause discoloration that wasn't there before? How effective is it for acne/acne scars? Should I stop using epiduo before peel?

Can a VI Peel be performed on a patient using Topical Retin-A (1 answer)
Is this safe?

Does VI Peel contain Salicylic acid? (1 answer)
I am allergic to salicylic acid- learned this from a Jessner peel that went very wrong some years ago. Does the VI Peel contain this acid?

I have a lot of redness after my VI Peel, is this normal? (1 answer)
I have just received a peel and my face looks sunburned. I got nervous and washed it after 2 1/2 hours of the peel, it is still very red and tender. Is this okay and will the redness subside. was my skin too sensitive and what should i do?

If I just had Electrolysis, do I have to wait to get a VI Peel? (1 answer)
Can I get the peel the day after having electrolysis? Will this damage my skin? I usually break out with white heads after Electrolysis and would love to start my peel.

Would the VI Peel help severe cystic acne? (1 answer)
Would VI Peel help?

What are the ingredients in the VI Peel and what is the pH? (0 answers)
what are the ingredients in the VI Peel and what is the pH?

I'm having a lot of redness & irritation on my neck. What can I use? (0 answers)
I'm having a lot of redness & irritation on my neck. What can I use?

I have a dark shadow around my mouth, which Vi Peel would be suitable for me? (0 answers)
I have a dark shadow around my mouth. Would Vi Peel skin brightener be good for me or the facial cleanser?

Extreme burning & itching after applying VI peel towelet. Allergic reaction? (0 answers)
I had microdermabrasion and a Vi peel yesterday, my face looks burnt (toothbrush like brown streaks) After applying the the Vi peel towelet last night, has extreme burning and itching. Should I continue to use the Vi peel cream? Allergic reaction?

Can a VI Peel cause burning? (0 answers)
I just had a VI Peel about 12 hours ago and having alot of burning what can i do?

Should I wash whole face while having VI Peel treatments? (0 answers)
Th peeling process seems slow. Should I wash and pat dry the whole face or avoid unpeeled areas?

How do I apply the VI Peel Precision Plus Booster? (0 answers)

Should I stop using glycolic acid before a VI peel? If so, when should I stop using it? (0 answers)
I current use 8% glycolic acid gel that is absorbed in my skin twice per day. Should I stop using this gel before a VI Peel, as my skin will be extra sensitive? When should I stop using it?

Will a VI peel lift and tighten skin, as well as even my skin tone and diminish wrinkles? (0 answers)

Vi Peel versus a Micro Laser peel (0 answers)
I am a 49 year old female with some sun spots and fine wrinkles. My skin is also losing its elasticity. I've had two micro laser peels and liked the results, but was wondering if the new VI peel would give me better results. Thank you!

hyperpigmentation & melasma (0 answers)
I applied the ViPeel on the owner of our salon. She is originally from India & suffers with hyperpigmentation & melasma. After the peel, the texture improved, however, her overall complexion is much DARKER! I recommended the bleaching cream? HELP

Not sure if i should see a doctor? (0 answers)
I'm on day 5 of the VI Peel and my face is really red. Is this normal. I look like I have a horrible sunburn with some areas more burned than others. Not sure if I should see a doctor or not. In essence, how much is normal and how much is n

Should I postpone my VI Peel for acne scarring? (0 answers)
I am 53, and have been on Ortho Micronor ( progesterone only ) birth control pill for an ovarian cyst. I am scheduled for a VI peel for acne scarring.

I have read that hyperpigmentation/discoleration can occur if you are on birth control pills. Is this true? Should I wait until I can come off of the pill. Is this a major concern and does this apply to all birth control pills?

How can I relieve the effects of a VI peel? (0 answers)
I had a VI peel on Wednesday and by Friday I was bright red and swollen under the eyes and jaw. I thought there was very little downtime with this procedure. At this point, I highly doubt I will be able to work next week. What can I do to relieve the side effects?

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