Could Botox help my eye twitch?

I have a really annoying involuntary eye twitch. Could botox fix this?

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Replied on 12/4/2009

By: Esta Kronberg, M.D.  |  Board Certified Dermatologist
Houston, TX

Absolutely. This is what Botox was originally used for in patients. Botox should alleviate your eye twitch.

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Does botox affect Dilation of eyes?

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I recently got botox about 3 weeks ago. I had 12 cc around each eye for crow's feet. Last week i noticed a fold on one side in my cheek when i smile. It makes me look like a wrinkled witch. will this go away? i have a photo i can send?

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Can you use Botox and Juvederm if you have Celiac Disease?

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I've read about injecting botox to cause muscle atrophy around the jaw lines hence making your face to appear slimmer or less square. How effective and safe is the procedure?

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How is Botox different from dermal fillers like Juvederm?

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I don’t have time to recover from a regular facelift, and I heard that a liquid facelift can provide results that are just as significant. What exactly is a liquid facelift? How do the results compare to a traditional facelift, and is Botox used in the procedure?

Is it safe to have Botox done if you have Lyme Disease? (4 answers)
I have late stage Lyme Disease. I have heard conflicting stories from both doctors and patients about the possible side effects of using Botox on a Lyme Disease infected patient. Is Botox safe to use in persons with chronic Lyme Disease?

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Six months ago I had a botox injection near the crows feet of my eyes. The fat of my cheeks seems to have been lowering on my face. I used to have apple cheeks when I smiled. Now when I smile my cheeks seem much lower. Is the Botox a possible explana

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If you are 76 years old with pulmonary problems is Botox not a good ide? And if not how long does a treatment last?

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I got botox last week (bridge between nose, 20 units) and found out this morning that I'm pregnant. Im guessing I'm about 6 weeks. Is there anyway to remove it? Anything that I should do? Has anyone had a healthy baby after botox? I'm so scared

Is it normal for Botox to cause jaw enlargement? (4 answers)
I had a Botox injection of 40 units for the second time in two years. This second time, about 10 weeks after the injection, I find that my jaw looks bigger and wider and feels heavier. Is there any way to resolve this?

Can BOTOX travel around my body once injected? (4 answers)
I know BOTOX is a toxin could it paralyze me?

Why do Botox injections cause my upper lip to be stiff? (3 answers)

Can Botox be used to treat Bell's Palsy? (3 answers)
I was in the emergency room this past Sunday and was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the left side. I know someone who had it much more severe than I. I'm wondering if Botox can help my condition?

Can Botox in forehead, crows feet and between eyes cause upper lip to wrinkle? (3 answers)
I received Botox two months ago in my forehead, crow’s feet and between my eyes. Now, I have very ugly wrinkles when I purse my lips. I did not have this before. Is this because Botox affects other parts of my face?

After botox for crows-feet, I have horizontal wrinkles when I smile. What can I do? (3 answers)
I recently got botox about 3 weeks ago for crows-feet. Now I have a fold of wrinkles under my eyes above my cheeks when I smile. Can I botox my cheek muscles? What can I do besides wait 3 or 4 months?

Will the puffiness from Botox injections go away? (3 answers)
I was injected with 30 units of Botox 7 days ago in order to address my crow's feet. The day after I noticed puffiness right on my cheek bone. I also have what appears to be a half circle under my eyes. Will this go away?

Is it safe to have Botox or a facial one week after a Vitalize peel? (3 answers)
I just had a SkinMedica Vitalize peel one week ago. Is it safe to have Botox or a facial?

I have excessive sweating after receiving under arm botox (3 answers)
I am experiencing excessive sweating on my chest, back and head. The whole experience has become unbearable. Is this a common side effect that will revert back to normal when the Botox wears off?

Can a client have a sports massage after a Botox injection to the shoulder? (2 answers)
A client had a Botox injection to the shoulder as a means to remedy shoulder pain. The client now wants a sports massage. Is is safe to do the massage 2 weeks after the injection?

Is there a way to get rid of Botox? (2 answers)
I had Botox 18 days ago, but my laugh and smile has changed. When I laugh and smile the sides of my lips go down and I look like a squirrel!! I had 10cc near my nose and 5cc on each cheek. Was that too much? How can I reverse the effects?

Is laser treatment on face safe after receiving botox or fillers? (2 answers)
Can you do laser treatments on face shortly after receiving botox or fillers? I would like to try affirm laser 5 days after getting juviderm and botox.

Should I be worried about albumin in Botox? (2 answers)
I know albumin is a human blood derivative - could I possibly get infected with bloodborne dieases? I am worried because I receive botox for hyperhidrosis and it has helped me, but I am now worried about the risk of contracting something from it.

Does Botox work to erase the lines at the corners of the mouth area? Can it also lift the outside corners of the mouth? (2 answers)

Can Botox help under eye puffiness and drooping eyelids? If not, which procedure do you recommend? (1 answer)

Can Botox stop a neck twitch that causes the head to jerk? (1 answer)

Would having scleroderma prevent getting any Botox or Juverederm treatments? (1 answer)

Will microdermabrasion & cold laser compromise the Botox shots I had 3 weeks ago? (1 answer)

Will botox be less effective over time? (1 answer)
I've been getting Botox treatments regularly for two years, and love the results. Will the drug become less effective over time, that is, can my body become resistant to it?

Do you administer Botox for TMJ? (1 answer)
I have been having TMJ for several years with no relief used night guards, exercises, massage. Wanted to inquire on the botox for TMJ.

How can comma lines over the lateral brow be avoided after injection? (1 answer)
I've recently begun practicing injecting Botox and Fillers. I have had several patients who have more pronounced comma shaped lines over their lateral brow after injection of botox to the forehead or the glabella. How can this be avoided?

Why did my eyebrow get stuck? Help! So freaked out! It felt tight, like a spasm! (1 answer)
A month ago I got Botox for the 1st time on my forehead and between my eyebrows. I got an itch on the inside of my brow, not thinking, I pressed against it & pushed up & my eyebrow got stuck, UP! It even lifted my eye! I had to massage it back into place!

Can I reduce Zygomaticus major muscle by botox? (0 answers)
I have a mid face asymmetry Can I reduce zygomaticus major muscle by botox?

I'll be taking timolol ophthalmic for one month. Is it safe to have Botox injections during this time? (0 answers)
I've had Botox injected into my glabella area for 4 years now. For a month, I'm using 1 drop of timolol ophthalmic. Is it safe to continue with Botox injections while I'm on the medication?

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