Do artefill artecoll fillers migrate to different areas of the face?

I had ArteFill injections done on my nose and cheeks last 2000. It has been 9 years since and I've noticed lumps on my upper right eyelid next to the bridge area, on my right cheek area and left lower cheek area.
Is there a way to correct this

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Replied on 10/27/2009

By: Esta Kronberg, M.D.  |  Board Certified Dermatologist
Houston, TX

I am not aware that Artefill migrates. You should have it checked by a Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

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I just got Restylane above my lips (the smoking lip area), and after 3 hours it was completely gone. I am scared to try Restylane under the eye due to my skin absorbing the product too fast. My physician recommended I get Artefill. Would that work? I am 40 years old and my eyes are not too bad.

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Are the results of an ArteFill treatment permanent?

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An esthtetition said she is working with a woman who had injections in the marionette folds & after two years it has left beaded lines. Is this a common side effect?

I have a lump from my ArteFill injections, what can I do? (1 answer)
I had Artefill injected in my left chin area and they injected too much creating a lump. If I massage everyday will the lump eventually flatten out? Will kenalog-10 help to reduce the lump? What other alternatives do I have?

Is Artefill more likely to migrate than other fillers? (1 answer)
I heard that ArteFill might me more likely to spread to other areas of the fact than some other fillers. Is this true? What can you do to prevent migration?

Are there any risks to using ArteFill while pregnant or nursing? (1 answer)
Are there any risks to using ArteFill while pregnant or nursing?

Is ArteFill slower with results? Not happy so far (1 answer)
I had two vials of artefill 3 weeks ago around the marrionette area; I still see some lines and the left side of my face seems to enhance the fullness.

That was there before. Is artefill slower to show results than the other fillers I have had? i.e.: perlane, restylane? My specialist also used artefill for lip enhancement and also as a filler with Dyspore for my forehead. Not happy with results.

Can I use artefill for my nose job? (0 answers)
I am wondering if artefill are suitable for nose job? If so, could you please give me the average price?
Thank you

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Can Artefill raise the tip of my nose. If so, is it permanent??

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After having refirme, 4 sessions, once a month,for my face, how long do I have to wait before getting artefill? And after artifill, can I sometime in the future get refirme?

Does ArteFill work to fill in hollows in cheeks? (0 answers)
Juvederm, Restylane, Dysport, Botox, Sculptra have been used on my face, all with minimal to poor results. They are quickly absorbed into my system. Is it worth the money to try ArteFill, or will I likely get the same results as with those other products?

Can Artefill cause permanant damage? (0 answers)
I had Artefill injections around my mouth and chin five months ago. There has been a weird sensation in the area where the product was injected. I can't open my mouth wide without it feeling like something is tearing. Can Artefill cause permanent damage? What should I do?

I had ArteFill for tear troughs 2 weeks ago and am still bruised, what should I do? (0 answers)
I had ArteFill for tear troughs 2 weeks ago and am still bruised, what should I do?

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