Do you have to be put out for laser liposuction?

I had a very bad experience with a tummy tuck and I wouldn't want to be put out again.

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Replied on 2/11/2010

By: Innovations Medical  |  Bill J. Johnson, MD
Fort Worth, TX

No, laser liposuction is usually done while you are awake. Only old school physicians or procedures requiring special circumstances would be put under general.

Replied on 9/21/2009

By: LazaDerm Skincare Centre - Sioux Falls  |  Lornell E. Hansen, II M.D.
Sioux Falls, SD

No, you do not need to be put out. You can look for a surgeon that does true tumescent liposuction. What this means is that the procedure is done totally under local anesthesia. This was developed by Dr. Jeffrey Klein a dermatologist in southern California. You will see
many surgeons say they do tumescent liposuction but in reality they are still putting you out. I only give my patients a little oral lorazepam to help relax them but they can talk to me throughout the procedure. Many of them bring an MP3 player and listen to music while the procedure is performed.

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I had laser liposuction about two weeks ago and am wearing a compression garment. It appears that I now have a hernia. Can a hernia result from a laser liposuction procedure? Does this happen often? I was told that the procedure was less invasive than others. I'm very uncomfortable and am experiencing pain and numbness.

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I have lost 60lbs and I have loose skin, but I also want to get rid of love handles in the hip and back area. Also, would that be considered one area in the way of cost?

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Are patients with possible lympodema risks able to have laser lipo? (0 answers)
Since laser lipo utilizes lympatic system, are patients w/ history of breast cancer & possible risks w/ lymphodema, able to have the procedure? Also, why is laser liposuction not available to those w/ liver/blood disorders?

Knees Lipo (0 answers)
What is the most recommended lipo procedure to reduce fat from knees. I am 5´ 4¨ and weight 120 pounds and I do not like my knees. what are the differences between laser lipo and smart lipo?

Which laser liposuction procedure is best for sagging skin? (0 answers)
There are many laser liposuction procedures for the chin. One physician told my mother that smart lipo would not be right for the chin, but a dermatologist told her yes and that she would see some improvement. She wants to do something, just not surgery. She has a lot of sagging skin. Which laser lipo treatment would be best?

I had liposuction 6 days ago, and my testes are swollen. Is this normal? (0 answers)
I just know that I did lipo, but I'm not sure which kind. My lower abdominal area and testes are painful and swollen. Is this normal? If so, how long will it take to clear up?

Light Frequency for blue light liposuction (0 answers)
What is the light frequency or specifications for a Blue light laser to do liposuction?

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