Does Fraxel hurt?

I want to have Fraxel treatments, but I’m a little worried about potential pain. Is Fraxel resurfacing painful?

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Replied on 2/18/2010

By: Rejuve  |  John Tang, M.D.
Saratoga, CA

It depends on which Fraxel treatment you are referring. If you are wanted the Fraxel re:pair which is their version of the CO2 laser resurfacing then it will hurt no matter what you do. The Fraxel Re:fine is non ablative. With the right pre-treatment, this is very tolerable. In this case, I have never given any oral medications to pre-treat for pain or anxiety.

Replied on 2/17/2010

By: Celibre Medical Corporation  |  Laser Dermatology & Injections
Orange, CA

There is pain associated with Fraxel treatments. With that said, pain is a very personal issue and how much it will bother a particular patient varies widely. The ways in which practices deal with pain is another issue and this may involve dental blocks (shots to the mouth),
prescription medications or even topical numbing creams (applied directly to the skin). Discuss these options with your practitioner before you undergo the treatments if you have concerns with the pain.

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Not sure about having a chemical peel on my neck, I guess is a lot more sensitive.

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Are chemical peels safe to do at home? Will they deliver good results?

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My skin has darkened after my Chemical Peel, what can I do? Is tthis natural?

What is the best Chemical Peel for sun damaged skin? (7 answers)
My skin has darkened two shades I am Asian Indian. Sun damaged what type of peel will work?

Is it possible to purchase Chemical Peels over the counter? (7 answers)
Is this possible or even safe?

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Are chemical peels the best treatment for scars? Is there a better alternative?

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I've been using so many pore minimizing products to reduce the visibility of my pores but nothing seems to be effective. I wonder if there is any kind of treatment or skincare product that will help reducing the visibility of large pores.

Is it safe to combine a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion? (6 answers)
What are the recommended steps for combining microdermabrasion and a glycolic peel in the same service? Should you do the peel before or after the microderm? I have been told both ways and I am confused.

Can a Chemical Peels cause discoloration of the skin? (6 answers)
Year ago had a chemical peel around my mouth - worked well and was very have a white area around my mouth and a darker area on the rest of my face as I live in the sun (but do not particularly sun bathe as such). Also enlarged pores on nose.

I have Postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation due to frostbite, can a Chemical Peel help? (6 answers)
I have postinflammatory hyperpigmentation on my face as a result of 2nd degree frostbite. I am a Pacific Islander with medium dark skin. Can a chemical peel help? How else can I safely treat the hyperpigmentation?

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I have tried laser treatments and it left my face worse doctors now say a chemical peel helps, what should I do?

Is there a recovery period required with chemical peels? (5 answers)
Will I be ready to go back to my regular schedule right after the procedure?

Can poison ivy be treated with Chemical Peels (5 answers)
I developed 2 sunspots on my face. It occurred when i was working outdoors. At that time I also contracted poison ivy on my legs. I was I was wondering if the poison ivy causes or contributed to sunspots or if this was just coincidence. Can chemical

Is it very unsafe to breastfeed after a Chemical Peel? (5 answers)
I had a chemical peel last week and wasn't aware of the risk related to breastfeeding. Over 72 have passed and I continued to breastfeed post treatment. What have I done?

Is a Chemical Peel the best option for Hyperpigmentation? (5 answers)
I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my back and I have brown skin. I've tried microdermabrasions but they got a little too expensive are Chemical Peels effective?

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I have small skin tags on my upper cheek, would a chemical peel get rid of them?

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Can a chemical peel eliminate melasma?

Brown spots on my face after a TCA Peel. (4 answers)
I did a at home tca peel, which left some pretty noticeable brown spots on my face. It hasn’t started to peel yet, but will these spots come off?

Are scabs a scarring concern after chemical peels? (4 answers)
I had a chemical peel and extraction process which left me with two scabs afterwards. When I towel dry my face, I accidentally scrub off those scabs leaving pinkish skin behind. Is that going to cause scarring, or is this normal and will heal without leaving marks?

Is the CO2 Laser good for melasma? (4 answers)
I am 30 yrs old married and no children. I have suffered from melasma for years years and have done a number of peel like TCA, SPA, Retesis, Gycolis , MCS but no effect. I have melasma around cheeks. My doctor advised the co2 Laser. Pls advise.

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I am 55 have rosacea on one cheek, large pores, blackheads and scarring. What kind of peel would work good on these issues?

When should I stop Retinol usage before a Chemical Peel? (4 answers)
When should I stop Retinol usage before a Chemical Peel and how soon after can I begin treatment again?

When is it safe to wear makeup after a Chemical Peel? (4 answers)
Is it safe to put make-up on even if it has only been less than 1 week? My face is very red and burns.

Are combining a mild Chemical Peel and Microdermbrasion safe? (4 answers)
I recently had a consultation at a spa. Was told that a Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion will be the best treatment for me. Generally speaking is this safe?

I have a hyperpigmented scar from a TCA Peel, what should I do to treat it? (4 answers)
Can Triluma eradicate the hyperpigment/post inflammatory scar caused by a TCA peel on face? Or will another TCA peel help? What other options do i have done? i just want the color brown of the deep burn to go away is it possible?

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I have acne scarring w/ fine lines & wrinkles what procedures are good options?

What results can I expect from a Chemical Peel? (4 answers)
will I need repeat treatments?

Are Chemical Peels safe for darker-pigmented skin? (4 answers)
I’m African American, and would like to get a chemical peel, but I’ve heard that peels can cause hyperpigmentation. Is this true, and are there certain peels I could look for that would be safe for me?

Can a Chemical Peel freshen my skin? (4 answers)
My face is very pale, dry, and a few fadeing freckles, with some facial vein. Will a chemical peel help brighten my complexion?

Should I avoide Chemical Peels while taking Accutane? (3 answers)
My acne is gone but I'm still on Accutane for a few months. Is it okay to have a chemical peel or should I wait?

Is it bad to use different types of Chemical Peels? (3 answers)
I've had two VI peels, but it seemed like the second one didn't work as well as the first in smoothing my skin tone and texture. Is the skin resistant to it? Should I try blue peel, or vitalize peel instead?

What should I do to care for my skin after chemical peels? (3 answers)
How do I care for my face while it is still peeling and recovering from a chemical peel?

Can phenol Chemical Peels remove brown spots on elbows? (3 answers)
Can deep chemical peels remove dark spots on elbows?

Is Smartxide Dot Therapy better than Chemical Peels for scars? (3 answers)
I have some deep facial scars. Can Smartxide Dot Therapy or chemical peels fade them away? And does smartxide cause any peeling like TCA chemical peels.

Jessner or Vitalize Peel for Melasma? (3 answers)
I would like to know the difference in results of the Jessner or Vitalize peels. I have melasma.

How many Chemical Peels are required to remove mild pitted acne scars? (3 answers)
How many Chemical Peels are required to remove mild pitted acne scars?

Will a chemical peel help with the wrinkles on my cheeks? (3 answers)
I have wrinkles and fine sags on my cheeks, can a chemical peel help this? Is there anything that can get rid of them?

Chemical peel and blue light recommendations? (3 answers)
I am currently doing 2 blue light sessions a week for treatment of moderate acne. Would chemical peels be recommended? Do I need to stop the blue light and for how long? Which type of peel would be best?

Blotches from chemical peel after I got a facial? (3 answers)
I got brown blotches right after my chemical peel when I went and got a facial. I went back to show her because it looked like burns and she said it will go away when it peels. Is this true?

Post Road Rash Hyper-Pigmentation. (3 answers)
I have a brown mark on my upper cheek from where I had roadrash 4 weeks ago and the skin seems to have healed completely but the brown mark does not seem to be fading. Is it ok to use TCA peel to try to get rid of the mark- or is too early/dangerous?

I have a 2nd degree burn on face from doing my own tca peel, do I see a dermatologist, plastic surgeon? (3 answers)
I haven't found a burn specialist in Greenville,S.C. It looks like I might get some scarring and I want to avoid this as soon as posssible.Thanks for your help.

I am 60 and want to get rid of wrinkles around eyes and mouth. Are chemical peels my best option? (3 answers)
I have wrinkles around my neck and breasts as well.

Are chemical peels the proper treatment for rhinophyma? (3 answers)
I've done about 20 chemical peels (every 3 days) on my nose to treat my rhinophyma/very large pores. The solution contains 70 percent glycolic acid. At first the peels didn't hurt, but now they really sting as the dead skin is gone. My nose is back to the shape/size it was in 2000. What's your take on this?

What adverse effects are associated with chemical peels and when can I begin to use soap after the treatments? (3 answers)

Can you use a glycolic acid chemical face peel on rosacea? (2 answers)

Do chemical peels help with acne blemishes? If so, how long would it take for the blemishes to go away? How many peels would I need? (2 answers)

How often should I apply my glycolic acid peel? (2 answers)
I just did a glycolic acid (50%) peel. It was burning before the neutralization step, but after that I didn't feel anything. Nothing has changed, not even the skin color (complexion). My face is not red or peeling. Can I apply the peel again the next day? How often should I apply the peel and how many applications will it take to get the results I am looking for?

At age 16, are glycolic peels safe to use my own? (2 answers)
A dermatologist recommended that I use a glycolic acid peel 20%. Is it safe for me to apply on my own? I am 16 years old.

Can I resume weight lifting immediately after a chemical peel? (2 answers)
I've used 14% glycolic acid every day for 10 years. Now, I want to do an 18% TCA peel. Every article I've read seems to say use Retin-A and AHA for two weeks. Is this correct? Also, I lift weights and would like to know if I can resume my weight lifting immediately following the peel.

My skin is tough and thick after applying a chemical peel, what should I do? (2 answers)
I started peeling around my mouth and a little on my chin the second night after applying a chemical peel. I used the second towelette all over (even the peeled areas) and now I'm afraid I have burned the skin! Everything has peeled off now, but my skin is tough and thick. What should I do?

Can I use a 50% or 70% glycolic acid chemical peel at home? (2 answers)
I am a 29 year old from India who has a normal complexion. I get pimples on my face and due to squeezing the pimples, dark spots have remained. Can I use a 50% or 70% glycolic acid chemical peel at home? Three years ago I had a dermatologist do this peel on my face...just wondering if it's safe to do myself.

Can I get rid of skin discoloration from a chemical peel? (2 answers)
A chemical peel caused discoloration on my face 10 years ago. I just wonder if there is anything I can do to get rid of it now?

Are chemical peels effective and safe after or with roaccutane? (2 answers)
Would I be required to have clearer skin with no acne for a chemical peel to be effective? I am in the first week of roaccutane treatment, as advised by my dermatologist. I am a 23-year-old female asian on roaccutane 40mg because I have acne on my cheeks for a year now. I have acne scars/marks and the area around my lips is dark. Is chemical peel safe to undergo and can it remove the scars and even out my skin tone?

Is it normal to get blisters after a chemical peel? (2 answers)
I had a Vitalize Peel four days ago. My skin is peeling as I was told it would. My concern is that I have small blister-like bumps all over my face. Is this normal? What can I do about them?

I have a black spot on my face due to some chemical acid. The wounds healed but my skin got black at that place. What would you suggest? (2 answers)

TCA 6% during breastfeeding is safe? (2 answers)
I have 5 months old and I am breastfeeding. I am thinking about getting chemical peel. My aesthetician said she will use 6% Trichloroacetic Acid and 14% of Lactic acid. Are they safe to use while nursing?

Salacylic acid and lactic acid peels in breastfeeding (2 answers)
I just had a deep peel with lactic and salicylic acid and I am breastfeeding a 14month old. Did I do damage? I didn't even think about it being damaging!

Post burn hyperpigmented scars (2 answers)
I have post burn hyperpigmented scars on my face from a 2nd degree burn injury 8 months ago. I tried hydroquinone cream, it lightened the brown scar but made it red and photosensitive. Now I use only calamine lotion, will a peel be a permanent cure?

I had a micro and peel. My face scabbed and left scarring.. (2 answers)
I had a micro and peel done at my doctor's office. I scabbed all over my face, but when the scab on my cheek fell of I now have a huge pink red spot. Will this go away?

Will discoloration after a Chemical Peel go away? (2 answers)
After my 3rd chemical peel I got a really bad discoloration around my mouth will it go way?

Can Chemical Peels help lessen facial hair? (2 answers)
I am pre-menopausal and have noticed a tremendous amount of light hair growth on my face and neck. Because it is light hair it is not compatible for laser hair removal. Would a chemical peel help?

What the effects for chemical peeling for men? (2 answers)
1)what are the disadvantages after the chemical peeling especially for sensitive skin for a man?

q.2) Is one theraphy enough for chemical theraphy or is more need?

How often do you get a Chemical Peel? (2 answers)
I like the results of my first chemical peel and was wondering if it is safe to have them on a regular basis. How often can I receive a chemical peel?

Freckle Removal, What treatments work for dark freckle removal? (2 answers)
I have Very dark Freckles all year round they make me feel uncomfortable. They aren't as light as the photos you have and are very dark. Would they be harder for you to remove them? and what is the best option for me?

What percentage of phenol highs the highest risk of causing cardiac issues? (2 answers)
I understand that phenol peels can cause cardiac arrest is there a percentage that can be used safely provided a thorough client questionaire is completed? I have found a peel that is 15% phenol and am being told it is very safe.

What can i expect to pay for a light chemical peel to treat acne? (2 answers)
I am looking for a chemical peel to help with acne. I am looking to spend $100-$200. Is this possible? Where should I look, a spa or a dermatologist?

Are there any Chemical Peel alternatives that contain natural ingredients? (1 answer)
I’m looking for a peel with naturally-derived ingredients. Any recommendations?

What are the Dangers of home chemical peels? (1 answer)
How safe is it to apply a 12.5% chemical peel at home and what are the dangers?

What is mjs chemical peel? (1 answer)
What is mjs chemical peel?

I have excess oil/bacteria under my skin causing swelling inflammation and scaring what is the best teatment? (1 answer)
I have seen a derm recently and am currently prescribed spironolactone 2d with dapsone gel and tretinoin gel. They have dried out the top layer and have left the next layer filled with oil, causing redness swelling and scars.

why is my skin so dark? (1 answer)
I had a tca 20% chemical peel & a phenol peel done by a board certified plastic surgeon 8 weeks ago. My face looks like I am wearing a dark mask. I wear a 50 sunscreen & avoid the sun at all cost! My face looks dirty & dull all the time. Help!

Multiple layers of salicylic acid for acne? (1 answer)
If you apply two layers of 10% salicylic acid is that the same as one application or layer of 20%? How about 3 layers? 30%?

Will dark brown splotches go away? (1 answer)
Hi! Yesterday I had a medium peel (Vitalize)-partly to get rid of a few light brown scars left over from blemishes. Ironically, the entire lower portion of my face is now covered in DARK brown splotches. Will these really slough off? When!?

I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, can I get a vitalize peel for my acne scars & hyperpigmentation? (1 answer)
Can I have a vitalize peel to get rid of acne scars and dark hyperpigmentation? I'm allergic to benzoyl peroxide, please help!

After having a chemical peel, I get a little rash (like pimples). (1 answer)
Is it normal to get very little rash like pimples after a chemical peel? if so, is there anything to help remove it and what is causing this?

I am on the first stage of laser hair removal. Can I get a chemical peel? (1 answer)
I am on the first stage of laser hair removal and I want to get a chemical peel. Is this a wise plan?

Can a chemical peel remove scars? (1 answer)
I had an ugly scar/dark discoloration (not elevated or keloid scars) that I got from a wound from an accident. I had several chemical peels performed on my scar, but instead of improving its appearance it got even darker and bigger. What can I do to remove this?

Will peeling creams remove the small scars on my wrist? (1 answer)
I have 3 very small scars on my wrist from cutting. They are very embarrassing, and it gets tiring trying to hide them as well. I cannot afford laser treatment. I am looking for some home remedies. What are are my best options? Are there any peeling creams that can remove the scars?

I had a chemical peel & the esthetician recommended shaving the facial hair with a planer blade, will the hair grow back stiff/thick like a man's? (1 answer)

Is it safe for toddlers to come in contact with chemical peels? (1 answer)

Could the white spots on my face after my 3rd chemical peel session be caused by sun exposure? (1 answer)
The first two chemical peels I had went well; I didn't have a problem. The third one was a medium peel, and instead of using sunscreen I wore Fair & Lovely cream. Now, I have white spots on my face. Could this be due to the cream, sun exposure, or both?

I applied a light chemical peel on my client two days ago and her face is puffy. Is this due to sweating? She is a fitness instructor. (1 answer)

I had a chemical peel, how can I prevent further discoloration? How can I treat the discoloration that has already occurred? (0 answers)
I had two layers of 30% glycolic acid peel for melasma marks. Since the treatment, I have dark crusting on marks and I can see pink skin underneath. How I can prevent further discoloration and how I can treat it?

What does a medium chemical peel target? What is the recovery time? When can I return to work? (0 answers)

Is the yellow peel effective at reducing hyperpigmentation? (0 answers)

How does the yellow peel work? Does it lighten one's complexion? (0 answers)
Could you please explain how the yellow peel works? Is it effective in lightening the complexion?

How do I correct a white patch that has appeared on my face after a chemical peel? (0 answers)
I have a white patch under my eye due to a chemical peel. I put makeup on the area before it fully healed, could this be why the color has not come back? How do I fix this issue?

Can chemical peels cause scars or discoloration? (0 answers)
Will scars or skin discoloration that developed from a chemical peel disappear? I got these dark discolorations from a chemical peel more than a year ago. Can it be corrected or lightened by another chemical peel (like blue peel)?

Can the scar caused by my poison ivy be removed by a chemical peel? (0 answers)
I bought an oil at a store to help lighten my skin. After one week of using it, my skin became irritated and the condition worsened. I finally realized that the oil I bought was a poison ivy. It caused severe itching and led to skin damage. Would a chemical peel remove the scarring?

What is the effect of Chemical Peels while pregnant? (0 answers)
I had three sessions of Agera RX chemical peels (pigmentation) before I found out I was pregnant, and the last session was only three days ago. What effect could this have on the baby? What should I tell my doctor? Are there any tests that can be run to make sure it's okay?

I had rashes on my face after a chemical peel, though my pimples disappeared. How much time will the rash take to go completely? (0 answers)

What strength TCA peel can estheticians apply in Georgia? (0 answers)
Are estheticians in the state of Georgia able to apply 30% chemcial peels (eg TCA)?

is there a doctor in Charleston area who does deep chemical peel with Phenol?ho (0 answers)
I have very deep wrinkles around my mouth due to years of smoking and sun exposure. I saw a plastic surgeon who no longer does the procedure but recommended a deep chemical.

I would like to have a microdermabration with a chemicial peel (0 answers)
I'm 36 and getting sun spot on the my tip of my nose. Please advise. can I use TCA? If so what percentage?
Thank you

My chin and neck are very red, irritated, itchy and raised. What can I do to heal this? (0 answers)
I had a chemical peel on Tuesday, my chin and neck are very red, irritated, itchy and raised. What can I do to heal this?

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