Does topical cortisone cream work on Acne?

I get the occasional pimple and a friend of mine said that OTC hydrocortisone cream works to reduce the pimple size and make it go away faster. Is it safe to dab a little on once in awhile for a quick fix?

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Replied on 9/17/2010

By: Rejuve  |  John Tang, M.D.
Saratoga, CA

Cortisone helps with inflammation but does not treat the bacteria which is usually the underlying cause. Long term use of course causes thinning of the skin and easy bruisibility.

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I'm African-American and I have black scars on my stomach from bumps that used to be there. I tried lemon and a few creams, but none will make them fade. I would like to know what I can do or use to get rid of the bumps and scars. What do you recommend?

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I have acne all over my cheeks, chin, and forehead, but all of it looks more like a rash. I've tried oral and topical medicactions but nothing seems to be working and I've had this problem for months now. Please help!

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My 14-year-old has really bad acne breakouts. And her nose is a very problematic area. This started around her period and seem to be getting worse. Please help. What can be done? Thanks

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Can they be used when on Accutane and Prednisone? If not how long should you be off the meds?

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I suffer from nephotric symdrome from a very young age. I got better before my teen years and then had a relapse. I then was given high steriod treatment from 60mg - 80mg for continuous months on end from 4-6 months. I have am 22 and I still havespots

Effective antibiotic to remove acne ? (3 answers)
I have acne for the past few months. I have tried taking antibiotics for 15 days. Can you suggest an effective antibiotic, which can/will remove my acne permanently?

Best over the counter medication for African American skin tone? (3 answers)
What is the best over the counter medication for dark scarring, after a pimple, for african american skin tone?

What is acne rosacea, and what is the best Acne Treatment for it? (3 answers)
How is Acne Rosacea different from other types of acne?

Do acne scraping techniques actually work? (3 answers)
I've seen a treatment on TV where acne is basically scraped off the skin's surface. Is this a viable acne treatment? Is it safe?

Will a Laser Acne Treatment while trying to get pregnant affect the chances for pregnancy? (3 answers)
I am planning to undergo laser treatment for my acne and scars. I am newly married and expecting pregnancy in the next 6 months. Will this treatment affect chances for pregnancy?

What is the best Acne Treatmnet for Adult Acne? (3 answers)
I'm a 24 year old man and I still get acne on my chest, back and shoulders. I've suffered from acne for over 12 years. What can be done?

How can you tell the difference between acne or perorial dermatitis? (3 answers)
For the past month I have been getting tiny acne-like papules in a triangular area next to my nose spreading to my cheek They only appear at night and in the morning it is relatively clear. I have used steroid creams before. Is it perorial dermatiti

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I'm looking into laser acne treatment and don't have severe acne but am not interested in spending hundreds of dollars.

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I am curious about more radical treatments for my ance that may have a longer lasting success rate. Please let me know prices for you acne treatments.

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Combining Aramis Laser with Gentle Waves LED Photomodulation and Accutane (2 answers)
41 y/o female. Fair acne prone sensitive skin. Most topical products cause breakouts & I'm scared of 'real' lasers like Pixel. Off Accutane 4 months. I'm getting Aramis now & want to try Gentle Waves LED. Do I have to wait due the Accutane or Aram

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What is the best product to get rid of very black ance on my face which has appeared due to pricking pimples?

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Does isotretenion help get rid of acne? What are the many and most common side effects??

What is the best acne treatment for me? (2 answers)
I am dark brown and want to get rid of my acne without changing my complexion, I'd like to know what's the best thing or treatment for me?

Sensitive skin and severe acne problem, help! (2 answers)
I have very sensitive skin which reacts to an awful lot of products and lately I have had quite bad acne and inflammation on my face. I have tried products with salicylic acid, which just makes my face sore. What could I use to help control my acne?

How do I get rid of dark spots and small holes on my face? (2 answers)

Is Chemical Peel Before Acctanec Ok? (2 answers)
I am currently in the one month waiting period to receive Accutane I want to get chemical peel (VI peel) during this time. To try and clear some of my acne scarring prior because I know I will be unable to do this during treatment and 1 year after.

Does low-dose Isotretinoin work as an acne treatment? (2 answers)
Can a lower dose of Isotretinoin (10-20 mg) be as effective as a higher standard dose? I'm a 43-year-old female with moderate cystic acne. My doctor wants to prescribe this dose for 3-4 months. I'm concerned about efficacy at this level, but nothing else has worked.

How can I best remove facial pimples that I've had for 3-4 years? (2 answers)

How do I treat acne and red and black spots on my face? (2 answers)
I've been using panderm cream on my face for the last three months. It contains cortisone. Now, there are red and black spots on my face and acne as well. What do I do?

Can I combine a glycolic acid peel with Isotretinoin and Retin-A cream? (2 answers)
I am taking Isotretinoin soft caps (10mg everyday) and Retin-A cream 0.05% to blur red spots caused by inflammatory hyperpigmentation. But after 3 months of using the products, they haven't helped much. Will combining the two with a 30% glycolic acid peel give me better results?

How can you biologically treat and cure pimples? (2 answers)
There are biological causes of acne (i.e. overproduction of oil, bacteria and irritation of the hair follicles). Can changing your diet or being more hygienic help? How can you biologically treat and cure pimples?

How can I get rid of acne breakouts and acne scarring? (1 answer)
I am suffering from acne breakouts and pimples. My face also has red marks all over it. Can you guide me on how to get rid of these marks and to stop the breakouts from occurring again?

What's the most natural way to treat stubborn acne and acne spots? (1 answer)

Please advice on products and treatment for acne (1 answer)
Hi I have very very oil skin prone to severe acne. I was on different treatment, but nothing seems to be working. I have had a lot of problems finding the right products to use on my skin. Can you please advise me which cosmetic products I should use and how to treat my condition?

Should I be using the Clarosonic Mia with acne treatment? (1 answer)
I've heard that using the Clarisonic Mia or Classic helps with acne. Does it really help the acne treatment I receive in the office and creams I apply at home? I heard it helps the skin absorb the cream and medication, is this true?

I stopped using accutane, can I use glycolic peel? (1 answer)
I stopped using Accutane 1 month ago, and my acne came back as well as the oiliness on my face. Can I start using glycolic peel?

What could be the cause of sudden acne for a woman at age 26? (1 answer)
I'm 26 and always had clear skin. In the past 4 mths I now have congestion, whiteheads and red bumps on my jawline and neck. Im graduating school with an Aesthetics license but my teacher has no idea whats causing it. Could it be Dermalogica products?

What would be the cause of, what appeared to be pimples, to pop & never heal, just create huge craters on my neck, arms, & behind & on my ears? (1 answer)
Started as small pimples but after popped just grew 10x bigger & now have huge craters. 1s on face won't let hair grow. 1s on ear putting pressure on ear drums now. Also arm craters are 1/8"w-1/4"d & neck are 3/8"w-1/8"d! They will still pop and not heal!

I took Isotretinoin, but after stopping the medication my acne returned. Should I take it again? Is there are more effective acne treatment? (1 answer)
I took Isotretinoin for 6 - 7 months. After that period, my acne had gone for some months, but now it has returned again. What should I do now ? Should I take the capsules again, or should I try something else? Why wasn't a 6 month duration of capsules enough?

I have small holes in my face and my nose is covered with dark blackheads. What treatment can you recommend? (1 answer)
I'm a 21-year-old girl who has small holes in her face and a nose covered with dark blackheads. What treatment can you recommend?

How dangerous is Isotetrinoin? (1 answer)
I have been on ampicillin pills for over a year and my dermatologist prescribed Isotetrinoin. I'm afraid of the severe side effects, how "rare" are these instances? Is it safe on mild acne vs. cystic acne?

How do I treat acne and black spots near my chest? (1 answer)

Is Neostrata Aha 15 lotion good for my face acne scars? (1 answer)
I have acne scars on my face, I was wondering if I should use this cream, or maybe have a chemical peel, my wedding is in 2 months...

How many times can you be on Accutane? Is the long term effects true? (1 answer)
This would be my 4th time on accutane, but I have tried all tropicals and other oral medication and nothing else works.

I have few blemishes but my face is always red and blotchy, why? (1 answer)
I have few blemishes but my face is always red and blotchy, why?

I have acne on my face, back, and chest. Need it removed to join the army. (1 answer)
I want to know what possible treatments were availble to remove acne on my face, chest, and back because I want to join the army. What would the price approximately cost for this to be done?

What is the best treatment for acne on the rear end? (1 answer)
What is the best way to treat acne on the rear end?

How can I get rid of acne? (1 answer)
I tired different types of treatments for my acne and nothing seems to work, other say its because of the make up i use. However i don't see no difference i stop using makeup and everything seems to be the same. I really want my acne to disappear

Can I use roaccutane whilst taking sertraline and risperidone? (1 answer)
Can I use roaccutane whilst taking sertraline and risperidone?

Can Isolaz be used on the back? (1 answer)
Can this be successful in treating excessive acne on the back, arms and chest - and what would a procedure like this cost over this large area to see favorable results?

How long after Accutane should I wait before going in the sun? (1 answer)
I read on this website that after accutane you should avoid sun exposure, but it does not say for how long. I was on 20mg of accutane (low dose) for three months and would like to take a trip to Florida 6 weeks after finishing accutane. Is this ok?

I am 17 years old, would Acne Laser Treatment be appropriate for me? (1 answer)
I have had acne since I was about 13. It hasn't gone away, I've used everything creams, lotions. I even use proactiv. Some of it goes away but I have scarring. I would like to get rid of it with as little damage as possible.

Suggest a cream for my acne problem? (0 answers)
I have an acne problem. I'm 21, so please suggest to me which cold cream I could use so my skin improves, looks good, and without leaving any oil on my face.

Does the Gentle Waves LED therapy help control acne prone/oily skin? (0 answers)
Does the Gentle Waves LED therapy help control acne prone/oily skin? Can you be taking prednisone and accutane and receive the Gentle Waves LED treatments? Are there any complications to know of? Will it also help reduce fine lines?

What acne prescription is in a pad that uses both benzoyl peroxid and salicylic acid? (0 answers)
I used this treatment once before, only it was a sample. Now I have an opportunity to use it again, but I forgot the name of it. It is blue on one side of the pad and yellow on the other.

Can Retin A Micro (after 12 weeks) cause perioral dermatitis? (0 answers)
I've been on Retin A micro for over 12 weeks (brown spots from sun & I some acne on chin that not going away). Skin looked great for 2 months and at week 12 small red bumps appeared on my chin and around my mouth up to the nostrils. Scaly/peeling flaring up, now on Aczone twice day..

My doctor prescribed a weaker dose of accutane for my acne, will it still work? (0 answers)
I took accutane 3 times in my life at a 60 mg dosage. I just started my 4th round because I relapsed, but my new dermatologist prescribed 40 mg dosage. Is it normal to be prescribed a lower dosage? Will it still work the same as the higher dosage?

Based on my condition, what's the best acne treatment? (0 answers)
I had burns 15 years ago but was too sick to get them removed. Now, I have terrible acne. Not only are they bright red, but they make me look like I am prepubescent. They are huge and they hurt. Also, fluid has begun to build up in the sores around my eyes. I am afraid I will look so old. What should I do? What's the best treatment?

Will prescription acne medication for my face work on the rest of my body? (0 answers)
I was prescribed Aczone and Ziana for my face acne. They both have worked really great, but now I have chest and back acne...I believe it's from sweating after working out. So my question is, would Aczone and Ziana work for my body acne as well?

I'm taking Diane 35 for my acne, will it help? What can I use for my marks (0 answers)
I want to know what I can use for my acne scars on my face?

What is the best cleanser for oily/blackhead skin? (0 answers)
I have real oily/blackhead prone skin, what is the best soap or cleanser to stick with without getting extra oily?

does taking green tea affect the effect of oral antibiotics for acne? (0 answers)

After a chemical peel for pimple prone skin, what are the chances of pimples recurring? (0 answers)

I have little bubbles on my nose due to acne, how can I get rid of them? (0 answers)

Which moisturizer works best for dry, acne-prone skin? (0 answers)
I have dry, acne-prone skin that peels. I have never used a moisturizer and am unsure which way to turn. My doctor was unable to make any recommendations. Which moisturizer will hydrate my skin without causing pimples?

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Vaser Liposelection (11 questions, 8 answers)
Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser (5 questions, 0 answers)
Velashape (19 questions, 29 answers)
VelaSmooth (4 questions, 6 answers)
Venus Freeze (3 questions, 0 answers)
Venus Freeze: Facial Rejuvenation without Surgery
VI Peel (33 questions, 24 answers)
Vitalize Peel (24 questions, 14 answers)
Vitrase (7 questions, 0 answers)
Zerona Laser Liposuction (36 questions, 27 answers)


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