I got a photofacial treatment to treat my melasma, and I now have new brown spots. Will Cosmelan treat this side effect?

I have an new brown spot after the super photofacial treatment for two times. Would Cosmelan work, or will it worsen the brown spot?

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Replied on 10/30/2009

By: Celibre Medical Corporation  |  Laser Dermatology & Injections
Orange, CA

The first problem is that IPL treatments will make Melasma worse.
Melasma is a dermal skin condition (deep skin tissue) and for this
reason, an IPL is not a device that would be appropriate to treat it
because it can only address epidermal (upper skin) pigment. The bottom
line is that with the current laser (and IPL) technology and current
research, we would suggest using Cosmelan or another topical treatment
program rather than lasers. You will very likely get worse with lasers
and at least with Cosmelan you have a very good chance of getting
better. If the brown spots are sun damage, they may have just gotten
darker after treatment because this is normally what happens. If they
are additional markers for Melasma that was caused by the IPL
treatments, you may need Cosmelan to get rid of them.


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