If you have to much Sculptra, is there away to break it down?

If you have to much Sculptra, is there away to break it down?

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Why does Sculptra take so long to work? (6 answers)
I've heard that Sculptra takes weeks to months to show results. Is this true? Why does it take so much longer than other dermal fillers that can provide instant results?

Can you inject Sculptura when other fillers are present? (4 answers)
Can you inject Sculptura when other fillers are present?

Is it possible for 1vial of Sculptra to produce results? (4 answers)
I'm 35 and want to know if 1 vial is ever enough?

Can you use Sculptra and Crestor simultaneously? Is it safe? (3 answers)
My plastic surgeon began my Sculptra. I need 1 more visit. Was put on Crestor 10mg by my internist. Now cosmetic doc refuses to finish the Sculptra. Does Crestor 10mg interfere with Sculptra on my chin and cheek?

Can I use Sculptra if am a diabetic? (3 answers)
Can I use Sculptra if am a diabetic?

Can I have do bipolar RF rejuvenation after Sculptra? (2 answers)
Is it possible to do bipolar RF facial rejuvenation after Sculptra injections (these were done 6 motnhs ago, 2 vials)?

Can you fly after a Sculptra treatment? (2 answers)
Can you fly after Sculptra treatment, is it safe?

What can be done besides time to reduce fullness in face from Sculptra? (2 answers)
Cheekbones look good but Scupltra in my lower face after 1 treatment about 1/2 vile looks too fat 2 months later. Is there a way to reduce heaviness in my lower face? Does fat burning exercise and eating less work? Anything else besides time?

Can Sculptra be injected with a microcannula? (2 answers)
I have concerns about bruising. Can Sculptra be injected with a microcannula? My doctor said this is not possible because Sculptra is viscous and therefore cannot be effectively released from a small needle. Is that true?

What are the chances of having side effects after Sculptra injections? (2 answers)
I am supposed to get Sculptra injections in my cheeks. I will be attending a wedding that same night and will be back to work a few days afterward. Following that, I will be out of town on a big job for a month. Is this treatment risky? Could I have side effects? Should I wait?

Can I combine sculptra with skin tightening? (2 answers)

If I have sarcoidous can I use Sculptra? (1 answer)
Can Sculptra be used with patient with sarcoidous?

How old do you need to be to begin Sculptra procedures? (1 answer)
Is there an age restriction on Sculptra?

Dermal Filler Side Effects (1 answer)
What should I do if I have developed granuloma as a result of tear trough treatment? The filler appears to have moved into the corner of my eye and possibly is blocking something causing paid and swelling. I am unable to see the original doctor.

Does it matter how long you wait between your first injection with 1 vial of Sculptra and your second? (1 answer)
I am 35 and had my first injection of Sculptra in June. My doctor wants me to wait 8 weeks between injections to see how it takes. Is it possible that if I wait too long between injections, the effects of the first will wear off?

If I plan to lazer my face as well as use sculptra, should I do the lazer first or should I wait a few months after doing sculptra injections? (1 answer)
If I plan to lazer my face as well as use sculptra, should I do the lazer first or should I wait a few months after doing sculptra injections?

Is Sculptra harmful during pregnancy? (1 answer)
I had sculptra injected into my cheeks 5 days ago, and I just found out I'm pregnant (about 6-7 weeks). Is this harmful to my baby and if so, is there anyway to remove the sculptra?? I am so worried!

Can I do Sculptra if I have gluten intolerance? (1 answer)
I am gluten intolerant and was wondering if this would preclude using Sculptra. Do you see more Sculptra side effects in people with allergies and food sensitivities? My cheeks have hollowed out but I'm afraid of lumps!

Easy bruising on the backs of hands. (1 answer)
I am a very healthy, active 65 year old male. I have fair skin and sun damage and thinning skin on the backs of my hands which has resulted in easy bruising with slight trauma. Can Sculptra help?

How long does the effect of Sculptra last? (1 answer)
I am 18 years old and want to know how long the effect lasts from three vials of Sculptra? Can Sculptra work forever?

Is it safe if a little sculptra solution was squirted in the mouth and it was swallowed? (0 answers)
Is it safe if a little sculptra solution was squirted in the mouth and it was swallowed?

How long will it take for my Sculptra results to fade? (0 answers)
I had sculptra alomst 3 weeks ago. Now, my right cheek is red, swollen and it seems to stick out. How long will it take for this to go down? I look nowhere near what I looked like before the procedure. Please help!

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