Is Fractional Resurfacing safe around the eyes?

I have sun damage around my eyes that is more noticeable on one side. Would fractional resurfacing be a safe and effective treatment for this area?

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Replied on 2/5/2010

By: Rejuve  |  John Tang, M.D.
Saratoga, CA

Fractional Resurfacing is very safe around the eyes as long you wear wear eye protection which everyone does. It is very effective to treat sun damage, sun spots, lines and wrinkles. There are many different types of laser resurfacing technologies depending on your actual individual problem, goal, length of downtime desired or not desired, budget. This can be decided with your consulting provider.

Replied on 2/3/2010

By: Forever Young MedSpa  |  Ft. Lauderdale Miami Laser Hair Removal, Botox, Vaser, Breast Augmentation at South Florida's Finest Medical Spa
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Well that is a great question, what I can tell you is we can offer different treatment options for sun damaged skin, from peels to laser treatment depending on the severity. Your best bet is to come in for a complimentary consult and we can give you an exact answer and pricing since we customize each package depending on there needs, as for around the eyes we go just around the orbital but again come in and see us well take good care of you.

Replied on 2/3/2010

By: Esta Kronberg, M.D.  |  Board Certified Dermatologist
Houston, TX

Yes, Fractional resurfacing (Fraxel) would be safe around the eyes. That is what is so beautiful about this procedure. If you only want to treat the skin around the eyes; you can.

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