Is hyperpigmentation a common post Fraxel side effect?

Is postFraxel hyperpigmentation a problem? What is the treatment? Does it get worse with further treatments?

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Replied on 1/25/2010

By: Esta Kronberg, M.D.  |  Board Certified Dermatologist
Houston, TX

I have not had any problem with patients hyperpigmenting after Fraxel treatments. However, the patients must use a good quality sunscreen every day and be sun wise. This means no sun bathing and wearing a broad brimmed hat when outdoors. The treatment if they should get it is to use hydroquinone products or AHAs to get rid of it.

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Does Fraxel work on sun damaged legs?

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I was wondering what the difference is between the Fraxel Sr. and the Palomar Lux1540 (2 answers)
I have acne scarring and have tried numerous treatment options. I have tried the Fraxel Sr. laser, and I am not that happy with the results. I was wondering what the difference is between the Fraxel Sr. and the Palomar Lux1540?

Why have my pigmentation problems come back? (2 answers)
I had a successful full face Fraxel to rid dark pigmentation and some minor old acne scars. My face scabbed over and I applied Cu3 cream for 10 days, after which time the skin shed the dark marks. However, five weeks later the dark pigmentation is back even worse! Why? Please help me! What can be done about this?

What are the side effects on eyesight of Fraxel treatment around the eyes? (2 answers)
I had my first Fraxel treatment on August 4, 2012. Since than I am feeling a little pain in and around my eyes and little headache also. Is this Is is due to treatment and normal? Is it long term? Will it effect my eyesight? Should I continue with my treatments?

Are bumps and pimples normal after Fraxel? (2 answers)
I underwent Fraxel three weeks ago and I noticed that my face purged with whiteheads and small acne all over my forehead (but not cystic). Is this normal? Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.

For someone who has severe acne scars, how many Fraxel laser treatments should I expect to have? (2 answers)
Again, I have severe and kind of deeper scars over a wide surface. I have a lighter skin tone as well.

Can Fraxel make a pre-existing skin condition worse? (2 answers)
How does Fraxel affect any existing cancers or maladies already on the skin?

Can I workout post Fraxel treatment? (2 answers)
I had my 1st fraxel to to help reduce hyperpigmentation. Is it ok to run indoors right away? Or should I wait so I don't get my face overheated? How long should I wait to run?

Can fraxel remove tattoos? (2 answers)
Can tattoo pigment be removed with Fraxel the same way it gets rid of age spots?

What does Fraxel accomplish? Does it tighten the skin? (2 answers)

I had my first Fraxel treatment 4 months ago, is it too soon to go for another? Can I expect the same results? (2 answers)
I'm 31 and got my first Fraxel treatment 4 months ago. I was happy with the results, but they are wearing off now. I want to go in for another session. Is it too soon to go in for another treatment? Can I expect the same results this time around? Anything I should be aware of?

When you get Fraxel do results show immedeatly? (2 answers)
I had Fraxel done twice. Will I see results right away or does it take longer?

How many Fraxel treatments will I need? (1 answer)
I was wondering how many treatments with the Fraxel laser will I need to cover at least 90% of the skin on my face if the density is set at 30% coverage each time. Thank you for your time

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Do Fraxel results last long term? (1 answer)
I been reading some reviews online and some people have said that the Fraxel results for acne scar treatments are not permanent. I thought the procedure promoted collagen production. Does the collagen production stop?

Fraxel and Skin Rejuvenation combinations (1 answer)
Can Fraxel laser resurfacing be safely used in conjunction with any other procedures?

How many treatments does Fraxel require? (1 answer)
Will I have to keep coming back to my doctor's office?

How long do Fraxel treatments last? (1 answer)
Will my wrinkles start to return?

What is the best non-surfical treatment for under eye dark circles, is it Fraxel? (1 answer)
II am 37 and want to get rid of under eye dark circles. I have heard about Aluma,and Fraxel treatment for under eye circles. Please suggest the best non surgical treatment.

I have vitiligo. Is it safe to have Fraxel restore treatments? (1 answer)
I have vitiligo and am wondering if it's safe to have a few fraxel restore treatments? The vitiligo is on my eyelids, hips, knees, and arms.

Can Fraxel treat loose neck skin? (1 answer)
I have loose skin on my neck that I would like to have tightened. Is Fraxel a good choice for this, or is another treatment more highly recommended?

Can Fraxel tighten the sun damaged skin above my knees? (1 answer)
I have sun damaged skin above my knees. They are also a little saggy and have an ugly appearance. I've tried cellulize & fillers but I would like the skin tightened so that I feel comfortable wearing shorts. I am healthy & work out regularly! I cant do this with exercise. Is Fraxel the best treatment for loose/sun damaged skin above the knees?

How often can I repeat Fraxel treatments? (1 answer)

Is V-beam Laser the same as Fraxel? (1 answer)
For an after-surgery scar, is the v-beam laser as effective at reducing the scar as the Fraxel re-store procedure? Are they essentially the same?

Could Fraxel have caused orbital fat loss? (1 answer)
Last year I had two pixel (Fraxel) laser treatments, then six LED light sessions on my face about two months after. A few weeks later my eye area started to deteriorate and it keeps getting worse. I look so much older nowwhat could have caused it?

What are my best options for treating sagging tissue on my neck - Fraxel? (1 answer)
I had Fraxel over a year ago with pretty good results, but I would like something that lasts longer if possible. What are the options for treating the neck area?

Is it safe for the neck and chest and are package deals usually offered? (1 answer)
Is fraxel safe for the neck and chest area, and how many treatments are needed? Also are package deals usually offered?

I had v-beam for correction of melasma that left Red Circles what could fix this? (0 answers)
After reading about FRAXEL, I was wondering if this laser would correct redness left by v-beam

What is the difference between fraxel and revlite? (0 answers)
I am about to go and see my skin specialist. I've been reading so much about lasers and would like to know the difference between fraxel and revlite lasers, and how they treat ageing skin?

My face is ok but I have ugly spots on my legs. Would afrsxel work on legs? (0 answers)
My face is ok but I have ugly spots on my legs from sun damage. Would afrsxel be a good option? Or would you recommend another?

I tried Fraxel but I still have a red spot. What can I do to rid the spot and regain my normal skin color? (0 answers)
I had a dog bite on my neck. I tried Fraxel trophy on Oct. 12, 2013, but I still have a red spot. What can I do to get my skin color back?

What is the highest number setting with the Fraxel procedure? (0 answers)
My son had his 2nd Fraxel. The first treatment was done at 20, this time it was set on 70. What is the highest number setting for Fraxel?

Can Fraxel damage the sensitivity of face nerves? (0 answers)
Can Fraxel damage the face nerves? Will nerve sensitivity be the same after 5 rounds the of Fraxel laser?

What is the best acne scar treatment? (0 answers)
I have a few acne scars and some hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Tell me which you think is better for these items....laser resurfacing or the fraxel and what is the difference between them.

Do I need to have a blood test before Fraxel repair? (0 answers)

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