Is IPL and infra red light the same treatment?

Can someone explain the difference between IPL and infra red light treatments?

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center  |  David A. Engleman MD, FACC
Dallas, TX

IPL and Infra red a completely different. Complex answere best to be seen in consult to discuss your particular situation.
David A. Engleman M.D.

Replied on 9/20/2011

By: Dermatology Associates of Atlanta, P.C.  |  Edmond I. Griffin, M.D.
D. Scott Karempelis, M.D.
Stephen J. Kraus, M.D.
Joseph R. Payne, M.D.
Ashley R. Curtis, M.D.

Atlanta, GA

Infrared light treatments are for skin rejuvination. Penetrates deep into the body, stimulating collagen and elastin. Infrared can travel much deeper into the body to give facial rejuvination, help with acne, acne scarring, and cellulite. IPL treatments helps restore photo damaged skin, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and broken capillaries. Its great for active lifestyles due to being gentle, non ablative and no down time.

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Does Fotofacial/IPL treatments cause cancer? (12 answers)
Have studies been done to show whether IPL or other light-based skin rejuvenation procedures raise the likelihood of melanoma?

Will the dark brown spots that appear after Fotofacial/IPL treatments go away? (11 answers)
I had my first fotofacial treatment last night and the brown spots are very dark and coming to the surface. What I was wondering is will these stay this way until more treatments are performed or will some of them slough off?

Why is it that IPL treatments have to be 3-6 weeks apart? (10 answers)
Is there a reason you have to wait between IPL treatments?

what fotofacial/ipl treatments work best for mouth lines? (10 answers)
what works better for lines around the mouth- Genesis or IPL?

How can I treat naso labial lines? (10 answers)
What is the best treatment or combination treatments for nasolabial facial folds? If you suggest facial fillers as one of the treatments, what one or combination of different fillers is best?

What is an alternative to an IPL treatment that lasts longer than a year? (9 answers)
It says that IPL treamtments will last only a year? However, I can not afford to redo this treatment every year. I have sun damage and need a more permanent option.

Is IPL or Laser Resurfacing the best procedure for rosacea? (9 answers)
I am looking into options to reduce my rosacea symptoms (redness, scars, bumps) and to improve the appearance of my skin. I am looking at the IPL or the combo IPL+Laser.

When having an IPL treatment done, will you get an even consistency? (9 answers)
When you have a FotoFacial or IPL treatment done, does the laser treat the entire face so you get an even consistency in color?

I am a juvenile diabetic. Is it safe for me to get an IPL photo facial? (8 answers)
My diabetic doctor is busy, and I cannot get in to see him for a few months. I would like to try one of these facials, but want an experts opinion before I do.

Will Fotofacial/IPL reduce oil glands? (8 answers)
My face is super oily and I'm looking for a way to slow down the sebaceous glands. What is the best procedure for this?

Can the IPL treatment cause damage to your skin? (8 answers)
I had my first IPL treatment and have many red marks that still hurt some along my jaw line. I also had a few areas that swelled up, then the skin peeled leaving a scab. I have one that looks like a long scratch, and some say a scar.

Is Fotofacial/IPL safe for African Americans? (7 answers)
I've heard that because of the risk of changes in pigmentation, IPL isn't safe for African Americans or other individuals with darker complexions. Is this true?

Is Fotofacial/IPL the best for wrinkles in the eye area? (7 answers)
Is IPL or Fraxel better for reducing fine lines and eye wrinkles? I have pretty noticeable crow's feet.

Is it safe to have an ipl, microdermabration, and chemical peel all in the same visit? (7 answers)
Is it safe to have an ipl, microdermabration, and chemical peel all in the same visit?

Can FotoFacial/IPL Treatments work on the scalp? (6 answers)
I'm a balding man in my 50s, and I have a lot of sun damage and age spots on the top of my head. Is FotoFacial a good choice to treat this, or are other options better? Is the skin on the scalp more sensitive than other areas?

Are FotoFacial/IPL Treatment results long lasting? (6 answers)
I had IPL about a month ago and love the results. However, I've heard that the results with IPL are not permanent, that they fade over time. Is this true? How can I make my results last longer?

I have dry skin and brown spots after my IPL treatment, is this normal? (6 answers)
I just got an IPL treatment 5 days ago and my skin is extremely dry and my brown spots are more noticeable, is that normal?

Does IPL treat acne scars? (6 answers)
Does IPL treat acne scars and is that the most effective way to treat acne scars?

Will FotoFacial/IPL treatments cause my face to peel? (6 answers)
I'd like to get something before the holidays to freshen up my skin, but I don't want a long recovery or peeling. Would Fotofacial/IPL be a good choice? Are there any side effects that would be visible towards the end of the month?

What is the difference between Broadband Light Photo Rejuvenation and IPL? (6 answers)
Is there a difference between Broadband Light Photo Rejuvenation and IPL, or are they the same?

What is the best laser treatment for rosacea? Is IPL good? (6 answers)

I am 44 and still on oral contraceptives. Could I benefit from laser treatment? (5 answers)
I have melasma on my face. I am 44 and still on oral contraceptives. Could I benefit from laser treatment?

Can I expect lasting results from fraxel or other laser treatmentsto remove my melasma while I am still on birth control pills?

Does an IPL/PhotoFacial tighten sagging skin? (5 answers)
As above, does IPL/PhotoFacial also tighten your skin or does that call for a different procedure?

Can IPL treatments damage your eyes? (5 answers)
Immediately after an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, my eyes were sore, heavy and watery. The ophthalmologist prescribed medication, which took months to repair my eyes. They still aren't 100 percent. The Dermapod IPL provider said there's no way the treatment was responsible. Is this true or false?

Do IPL treatments help remove/reduce stretch marks? (5 answers)
I was told online that intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments are good for reducing/removing stretch marks from the back of the legs and lower back. Is this true?

Fotofacial versus IPL, what's the difference? (5 answers)
What are the differences between Fotofacial, Photofacial, and Intense Pulsed Light therapy, and what can these treatments be used for?

Can fotofacial/ipl treatments lighten freckles? (5 answers)
Or is there a better treatment for dark freckles?

Is Intense Pulse Light therapy an effective treatment for stretch marks? (5 answers)
I have moderate, white stretch marks on my stomach and chest after having a baby. Is IPL a good option, or is another treatment better for this?

Should the skin be pink after the brown spots crust off? (5 answers)
Three days ago I had ipl treatment on my face. Several of the spots crusted and flakes away leaving pink skin underneath. Is this normal or was I burned. What do I do now?

How to prevent scarring? (4 answers)
I had ipl 5 days ago. On that day, 1 of the brownspots wiped off while washing my face. It never had a chance to crust. Its now infected. I'm on oral antibiotics & using bacitracin. Was this a blister? More import-what can I do to prevent scarring?

Is it normal to have breakouts 4 days after my first IPL treatment? (4 answers)
I had my first IPL treatment for facial redness and broken veins. 4 days since my first treatment and I've had breakouts of pimples. i havent had such a breakout since my teens im in my mid 30s now.

Can someone get burned by a fotofacial IPL laser even if it is a low setting? (4 answers)
I heard some many bad reviews about people getting burned from this laser. I have fair skin and facial veins I want to get rid of. Also, what are the reasons why someone would get burned. If a person is burned does it eventually clear?

When can I have IPL after a breakout? (4 answers)
Is there a certain amount of time I need to wait after pimples go away before I can have IPL? Will IPL make the breakout worse if it's done too soon?

I have hyperpigmitation from lazer...can Fotofacial help? (4 answers)
Will Fotofacial help with hyperpiminattion and can it cause more hyperpigmitation? If so is there a better procedure to use?

What are some freckle therapy treatment options for Asians? (4 answers)
I am an Asian. There is a piece of yellow and light brown spots on the left side of my face. I am not sure that is freckle or something else. Currently I am looking for a treatment to cure it, please assist me with more relevant info.

Which IPL machine is the best? (4 answers)
I had IPL done about 7 years ago (approximately 6 treatments were performed). I need at least one more to touch things up. I used to know the best kind of machine, but don't remember now. I was told they are not all equal and that there is a better kind of machine. Do you know which IPL machine is the best?

Can I get an IPL photofacial if I am on coumadin? (4 answers)
I am on coumadin due to damaged vein during a previous back surgery. I have a stent in my left iliac vein and am factor 5 lieden. I have very good health otherwise. Can I have a IPL photofacial?

Recently had terrible reaction to Photofacial, could it have burned the subdermal layer and caused permanent damage? (4 answers)
Have had PFs before (2), 4 weeks apart. I'm not using any new meds or face products, just a different tech. Luminesse laser, same settings caused my face to swell like a balloon, lumpy, and red almost like histamine reaction. 4 days later, prednisone & still not fixed. HELP!

Does this procedure do anything to reduce pore size? (4 answers)
Does this procedure do anything to reduce size of pores?

What would an IPL do for my skin and to prevent wrinkles? (3 answers)
How does a IPL benefit my skin? I'm relatively young, in my late twenties and am looking into non invasive preventative treatments. Is IPL an ideal procedure for me?

What is the best laser/filler for around the eyes/tear trough area? (3 answers)
I recently spent well over $1000 on the eye area and it hasn't worked. In this economy I need to make the money I spend count. What laser treatments work for around the eye area?

Can IPL affect a baby's eyes if they are in the room? (3 answers)
I had an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment done on my face to clear up some freckles. The treatment was performed on Friday afternoon and my baby who was in the room now has watery eyes, has been really irritable day and night, and won't sleep. Could the light have affected her eyes?

Is Intense Pulse Light therapy only used for cosmetic purposes? (3 answers)
Or can it treat actual medical conditions? What conditions?

Is there a difference between IPL Treatment and IPL Photofacial? (3 answers)
Or are they just two names for the same treatment?

My skin is still discolored from IPL treatment, is this normal? (3 answers)
I had a photofacial 6 days ago and had large dark brown rectangles all over my face. I've gently rubbed them off and now my skin has white patches. What should I do?

What is the differnce between 1 month FotoFacial treatments and every 2 month of treatments Do you get the same effects? (3 answers)
If you get IPL laser for spider veins every 2 months, will you get the same effects as if you got treatments every month?

Can one with factor five leiden receive ipl treatment? (2 answers)
Can a women with the factor five leiden gene receive ipl treatments?

What is the difference between IPL and ematrix for removing lines? (2 answers)
What is the difference between IPL and ematrix for removing lines?

Is there a link between Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) and fat loss? (2 answers)
I heard that in some patients, IPL can cause fat atrophy in facial structures, causing a hollowness of the cheeks. Is this true, and if so, how could this happen?

What is the most effective way to get rid of dark circles? (2 answers)
I use Teamine twice a day and make up to cover my dark circles, but I would love to get rid of them or lessen them a whole lot more. If I am going to spend a lot of money to fix them I just want it to be the most successful! What is the most effective way to get rid of dark circles? Thanks!

After each intense pulsed light treatment I have a sinus infection, is this a normal side effect? (2 answers)
I have had 4 intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. After each one, I have had a sinus infection. I am a person who never gets sick. Is this a normal side effect of IPL treatments?

I take 200 mg of Seroquel daily, is it safe to have intense pulsed light treatments? (2 answers)

Can IPL treatments alter a brown spot that could be melanoma? (2 answers)
I have a family history of melanoma and lots of age spots on my chest, hands and face. I get skin checks yearly but they do not know about how intense pulsed light treatments will affect my skin. Given my background, do you think it's safe to undergo this form of treatment? Is there any chance the treatments will alter my brown spots?

I have sun damage and thin skin, would IPL treatments help? Can you also suggest any oils or creams that might work? (2 answers)

IPL for red acne scars? (2 answers)
I have 2-month-old red acne scars all over both cheeks. The acne is gone now, can I get IPL to help the redness go away? Or is it better to let it repair on its own?

What is the maximum number of IPL Treatments I can get without damaging my face? (2 answers)
I've had seven IPL Treatments and still need more.

Can IPL treatment worsen rosacea? (2 answers)
Had my first ipl with lumenis M22 6 weeks ago. On day 3 I developed increased redness, blotchiness, larger pores and "orange peel" look to my cheeks. It has not improved. Wondering if there are any treatments for this adverse effect.

Do you think this works to treat melasma? (2 answers)
Will FotoFacial and/or IPL treatments work to treat melasma?

Which laser works best for stretch marks if they are still red? The led or the ipl? (2 answers)
Which laser works best for stretch marks if they are still red? The led or the ipl?

IPL or chemical peel for facial brown spots? (2 answers)
My dermatologist recommended IPL to remove some brown spots, acne marks, etc. on my face. Would a chemical peel do the same thing? Is the IPL permanent, or will the spots come back? I had frozen nitro used on the spots, & they came back 2 years later.

Roseacea flares, need advice. (1 answer)
I know IPL is terrific for roseacea. Is using topical vitamin A, a good or bad idea? I use Trentinoin 0.5 and I see skin improvement but the roseacea flares. I always discontinue use of vitamin A before and after IPL. When I recommence the problems flare.

After my baby is born, how long should I wait to be safe before having IPL treatment? (1 answer)

Can I have infrared and IPL in the same visit? (1 answer)

I am taking 50 mg of doxycycline, can I have a FotoFacial for my rosacea? (1 answer)

I had IPL treatments to rid my age spots but they are not working, what else can I do? (1 answer)
I had IPL treatment for age spots. It has been 3 months and they have not faded. My legs are very dark brown, while my arms and chest are very pink. I didn't see any peeling after the treatment, which I believe is suppose to happen. I'm panicking and wonder if the spots will ever fade. HELP! Why are the IPL treatments not working? What else can I do?

I have a ton of dark spots all over my face after having an IPL treatment, when will these spots heal? (1 answer)

What can be done if spots spread and darken after an IPL treatment? (1 answer)
I recently had an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment done on my face. After the peeling stage, the spots spread and became darker. The doctor is unsure why this happened and gave me a chemical peel. I am now scheduled for chemical peels every two weeks and was prescribed tretinoin and Hydroquinone. What is wrong? What should I do?

Why can't I use moisturizers on my face after IPL treatment? (1 answer)
I was told that I may dab a little Vaseline on the crusted spots only. What else can I use?

How many FotoFacial/IPL Treatments are required to see results? (1 answer)
How many treatments are needed?

IPL vs IPL RF for Rosacea (0 answers)
Can IPL w/RF help Rosacea redness, not affect it due to the RF, or can it make it worse?

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