Is Microdermabrasion suitable for Indian skins?

Is Microdermabrasion suitable for Indian skins?

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Replied on 2/3/2012

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Can microdermabrasion be used on non-facial areas? (11 answers)
My decolletage has a lot of age spots and uneven skin. Can I have microdermabrasion on it to improve the tone? What about on my forearms?

Does Microdermabrasion work for strech marks? (7 answers)
Is the Microdermabrasion procedure the best for stretch marks?

Are cosmetics safe to use after microdermabrasion? (6 answers)
Is it okay to use cosmetics on my face after microdermabrasion? Are there any topical treatments I could use to speed up healing?

Does Microdermabrasion help with blackheads and whiteheads? (5 answers)
Is this the best treatment for blackheads and whiteheads

If I suffer from rosacea and had severe scaring of acne, do you recommend microdermabrasion or laser? (5 answers)
I am light- skinned and my skin is extremely oily, delicate and sensitive. i have been used many products into my face to eliminate redness and scars with no luck. Please advise.

Does microdermabrasion work on both freckles and blackheads? (5 answers)
I'm really interested in finding a treatment that can effectively address both of these issues. Can microdermabrasion help remove them?

Can microdermabrasion correct an uneven skin tone? (5 answers)
I have an uneven skin tone in my thighs and chest.What's the proper procedure to get this corrected? Would microdermabrasion be best?

I have Factor V Leiden, is it safe to have microdermabrasion? (5 answers)
I have Factor V Leiden, a condition that increases my chances of developing abnormal blood clots. I am not on anything at this present time. Would it be safe to have microdermabrasion?

Wrinkles on my face since I moved to Florida (4 answers)
I am 56 years old and always looked 40 until I moved to Florida. I have wrinkles around my mouth and lost collagen and elasticity. I heard chemical peels are good for this. I don't really let the sun on my face, but I do smoke. What would you recommend?

After using an at-home microdermabrasion device, I have severe ingrown hairs. What can I do? (4 answers)
I used an at-home microdermabrasion device and now I have severe ingrown hairs that are infected and cause emotional problems. The breakouts are extreme and has cause me to be very reclusive and self-conscious. I have coarse hair that is mostly light in color. What can I do?

Can microdermabrasion eliminate my acne scars? (4 answers)
I've heard microdermabrasion can't correct deep, uneven scarring. I'm a fair-skinned brunette. My skin, though oily, is very smooth thanks to RX creams. However, I am left with light pinks scars on my face. Can microdermabrasion eliminate this, or is another procedure best?

Do physician’s offices and medspas both use the same microdermabrasion formula? (4 answers)
Or are different strengths or procedures used depending on the facility?

Is Microdermabrasion safe for very sensitive skin? (4 answers)
I have red hair and very fair, freckly skin. My skin tends to get very red and splotchy, and I would like to address it but don’t want a bad reaction. Is microdermabrasion a good choice?

Can Microdermabrasion treat melasma? (4 answers)
Is microdermabrasion a good choice for melasma?

Can microdermabrasion cause acne? (4 answers)
Could the little crystals/abrasives directed toward the skin become trapped and aggravate acne or other blemishes?

Is microdermabrasion worth the cost? (3 answers)
I have fine wrinkles and sunspots, but heard that microdermabrasion isn't worth the cost. I'm 55 years old and would love to have spotless, fresh looking, youthful skin. I've never smoked, but sunbathed a lot. Will a microdermabrasion work?

Does it matter how fast they go over your skin with the Microdermabrasion tool? (3 answers)
Does the speed at which they used the microdermabrasion tool effect the results of the procedure?

Is the Microdermabrasion treatment an option for a 54 year old man with wrinkles and large pores? (3 answers)
I am a 54 year old male with fine wrinkles and large pores on my face, due to excessive sun. Will this procedure help this?

I have acne scars on my face, should I go for microdermabrasion? What are the potential side effects? (3 answers)

What are the ingredients used in microdermabrasion facial? (3 answers)
I'm wondering what ingredients are used in the microdermabrasion facial treatment?

Can microdermabrasion be done on the inner thighs? (3 answers)
My inner thighs have some blackheads and are darker than the rest of my thighs. Would microdermabrasion help me?

When should you get a microdermabrasion? (2 answers)
How old is a good age to start getting microdermabrasions and how often should you get one? Do they help prevent fine lines?

Is it safe to get microdermabrasion on my face if I'm using a product that contains kojic and glycolic acid? (2 answers)
To be specific, the product is Meladerm.

Would this be a good treatment for me and my face? (2 answers)
A few weeks ago I got a very severe staph infection on my face. I have now been left with scars from the bumps covering almost my entire face. I hyperpigment easily and I am not sure if microdermabrasion would help or make things worse.

How does microdermabrasion work? Does it damage the skin and is it harmful to your health? (2 answers)

What is the best treatment for discoloration on my face? (2 answers)
I have brown discolored areas on cheeks and mostly on the side of my face by hairline. I think it is the Melasma. Difficult to cover up with makeup.Would microdermabrasion be the best treatment or chemical peel? What would be the approx cost of each?

Can Microdermabrasion help with Cystic Acne? (2 answers)
Can Microdermabrasion help with Cystic Acne? I have tried a lot of medicines from tazorc to retena. I was wondering if Microdermabrasion would work better?

Age spot appears after microdermabrasion. Is this possible? (2 answers)
I received my first session of microdermabrasion today and developed a new brown age spot (the spot was not there before the treatment.) Is this possible? Why did the spot appear? Is it permanent? What can I do to get rid of it? Thank you

How often should Microdermabrasion be performed? (2 answers)
How frequently should I get microdermabrasion to maintain my results?

What are the pros and cons of Microdermabrasion vs Chemical Peels? (2 answers)
Which is most cost effective as well as over all effective in treating acne scarring?

What are the best treatments for fungus and lupus skin scarring? (2 answers)
For 7 years I have battled a horrible face skin condition in which the cause is in question. First diagnosed as a fungus and then as a result of lupus. Scarring has occurred and the problem is not resolved. What are the best treatments?

I have scleroderma and sjogrens disorder, can I be treated with microdermabrasion? (1 answer)

I had microdermabrasion, how do I get rid of the round patch on my right cheek? (1 answer)
I had microdermabrasion about a week ago. There's a reddish-pink patch on my right cheek that won't go away. It's peeling and is very dry compared to my left cheek. I already saw the esthetician and told her about it, but she didn't care. How can I get rid of the patch?

Do I need to apply any cream or medicine after microdermabrasion? (1 answer)
Do I need to apply any cream or medicine after microdermabrasion treatment when I get back home?

Hyperpigmentation on my nose and chin, would it safe for me to do Microdermabrasion? (1 answer)
I have had hyperpigmentation on my nose and chin for a very long time. It looks a dark patch (horse shoe shaped) on my nose. Any slight irritation or peeling makes this patch & that on the chin darker. Can I do microdermabration get rid of these ?

Neostrata 15% aha lotion plus (1 answer)
I have a few left over acne marks. They are definietly realy light, my problem is if i use hq even 2% my skin gets really red and doesn't tolerate it. So i ws wondering if this aha 15% will help? and if I should alternate it with retin a mmicro .01?

Is microdermabrasion work for acne? If so, what are the side effects of the treatment? (0 answers)
Does microdermabrasion affect mild scarring and facial redness due to acne? What are the side effects on type 4 skin? Are the effects, including redness, temporary or permanent?

How long should I stop using salicylic acid before microdermabrasion? What will happen if I use it anyway? (0 answers)
I'm due for my first session of microdermabrasion in two days but I've been using a face wash with .5% salicylic acid in it. How long should I stop using salicylic acid before microdermabrasion? What will happen if I use it anyway?

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