Pelleve and fat atrophy?

12 months ago I had fraxel repair. I believe this caused my facial fat atrophy, even though the doctor is saying it's impossible. I'm about to have Pelleve to tighten my facial skin due to volume loss. Will this also cause fat loss?

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I understand that radio frequency comes with the possible side effect of facial fat loss. which would be a disaster in my case, as I'm already skinny with a thin face. Would injectable fillers be better for me?

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Can Pelleve be used around the eyes?

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Is pelleve safe for pregnant women?

Is pelleve safe for pregnant women? (0 answers)
Is pelleve safe for pregnant women?

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Pelleve (0 answers)
1) Why are pelleve practioners so rare and difficult to find? How does Pelleve compare with Skin Tyte in results, length results last, and expense?

Can Pelleve be used on the lips and not just the area around the mouth? (0 answers)

I had eczema a month ago around my eyes. Can I have Pelleve treatment around my eyes to tighten the skin now? (0 answers)
Or will I have any bad side effects because of my previous eczema?

Can I have a Pelleve treatment even though I have vitiligo? (0 answers)
I have vitiligo, but it has not affected my face. I want to be sure that Pelleve will not result in depigmentation to that area. Is it OK to have the treatment?

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How long do Pelleve results last? (0 answers)
I had a tight facelift 6 years ago and am now interested in Pelleve. How long do the results last given the fact that I have nice skin and just a slight droop in the jaw and neckline?

Can I have Pelleve if I have vitiligo? (0 answers)

Is pelleve safe for the eye area? Is there a chance it could cause fat loss or scarring? (0 answers)
I am interested in the pelleve procedure but not interested in any facial fat loss, which I read could be a side effect..Is this procedure safe for the eye area? I'm more concerned with unwanted side effects or long-term effects than it not working at all. Thank you.

What does Pelleve do that other treatments of this type (laser/collagen building) do not? (0 answers)

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