Should I consult a cosmetic dermatologist or a physician?

What conditions can a cosmetic dermatologist treat and what skin problems would it be better to have a general doctor look at?

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What is the bst treatment for enlarged Pores? (5 answers)
Is there a filler or anything else to help with large pores around the mouth and cheeks?

What are the best Skin Rejuvenation methods for younger skin? (4 answers)
I'm in my late 20s, so my skin is still fairly young, but I've noticed some unevenness in tone and texture lately and want to address it. The skin looks dull, sometimes blotchy and feels rough/flaky at times. What are the best methods for me?

What Skin Rejuvenation treatments can help my dry, flaky skin? (3 answers)
I have very dry skin all over my body, and lotions really don't seem to help much. Are there prescription strength creams or other skin rejuvenation treatments I could have that would help keep my skin moisturized?

Is there a permanent way to get rid of stretch marks? (3 answers)

Will coconut oil or cocoa butter fully restore my skin? (3 answers)
I got cut 3 weeks ago. It has begun to heal and the scab has fallen off. Now, I have a big light scar mark. Can I apply pure coconut oil or something else (like cocoa butter) to help fully restore my skin? Can they speed up the healing process?

How many photo facial treatments are required to reduce pigmentation and redness? (2 answers)
I would like to know how many skin rejuvenation treatments (photo facial) it takes to treat POC (pigmentation and redness) with the Palomar Starlux G? Does it take only three treatments to see results?

Will picking at scalp cause balding? (2 answers)
When I'm stressed my scalp gets very flaky. I've a habit of picking at the flakes, especially the front hairline which has become very thin where I do the most digging with my nails. Am I damaging the follicles, & will it result in permanent baldin

What is the best treatment for dark circles around the eyes? (2 answers)
I have dark circles over my eyes, on my eyelids going toward my brow. How can I reduce these?

What treatments are available for visible pores? (2 answers)
If one has small holes in her facial skin mainly in the cheeks and chin what are common treatments?

What is skin rejuvenation? (2 answers)
How can it improve my appearance?

Hyperpigmentation melasma? (2 answers)
Now I am 17 yrs old, at 13 my skin started to have some pigmentation. As it was little wheatbrownish colour that time. Now skin on my face and arms have tanned and look quite black. Can I regain earlier skin tone back or fairer skin?

Is IPL a good choice for me? (2 answers)
I am thinking of having an IPL treatment on my legs. My legs aren't very soft and I have little dark spots where the hair grows from. They say that IPL is used for hair removal and for better skin.. I have fair colored skin and dark hair. Would one session give me good results?

Can the burns from a photofacial skin rejuvenation treatment become permanent? (2 answers)
I had a photo facial done 17 days ago. I still have straight burn marks on my face (strips of 1/4" burn alternated with 1/4" natural skin color from the top of my face to the bottom all the way across). Is this permanent damage? It looks like stripes. I have olive skin.

Can I overlap minocyclin (oral antibiotics) and ematrix treatments? (1 answer)
I just had an ematrix treatment 3 days ago and want to start with oral antibiotics because of severe acne. How long should I wait before starting oral antibiotics? How long do I have to stop with the oral antibiotics before my next ematrix treatment?

Redness around the nose and chin (1 answer)
About twice a year I get redness/itchy around my nose and in the chin area (under the lower lip). This time, I am also experiencing big pimples with no head, but very sore. What can I do?

Skin lightening for uneven skin tone (1 answer)
Hello, I have a discoloration (uneven skin tone on my penis) and i'm trying to find a way to lighten and even out the tone. I'm white. Is there a procedure to lighten this area that's safe and wont thin out the skin more or effect sensitivity.

How to reduce the appearance of leg hair pores? (1 answer)
I have fair skin and black hair...I'm quite hairy all over...I wax once every month...but even when I wax my leg hair pores are obvious and brown, I don't wnt to have laser, is there any other way to reduce it's appearance?

What is cosmetic dermatology? (1 answer)
How is it different from regular dermatology? Can cosmetic dermatologists still treat skin conditions or only administer cosmetic enhancement?

What Skin Rejuvenation procedure the best solution for uneven skin tone? (1 answer)
I am an African-American with uneven skin tone. What Skin Rejuvenation procedure is the best option?

I am about to start taking 100mg of Doxycycline. Will the medication interfere with my laser hair removal and IPL rejuvenation treatments? (1 answer)

Which procedure is best at tightening the skin above and below the eyes, Thermage or ThermaCool? (0 answers)

What skin rejuvenationtreatment will help get rid of undereye darkness? (0 answers)
I have dark circles under my eyes and it seems to get darker as I get older. I am very self conscious about it and am will to try any alternatives.

Red dots in area where I had first degree frostbite. Is this an infection? (0 answers)
I had first degree frostbite on my cheeks and nose one year ago from overexposure, and I have been getting small red dots there ever since this happened. Is this an infection? What do I do?

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Please help me (0 answers)
I'm a GP. Last 5 years I have used many OTC creams for T.cruris (not sure whether it contained topical steroids), lulifin, sebifin + Flucos 150. Now it's under control but there is PIH over my inner thighs. I'm obese and PIH is where my thighs rub when I walk. Please help me.

Can I combine red light with laser skin rejuvenation at the same time? (0 answers)
I'm currently doing red light therapy... Can I get laser skin rejuventaion done too at the same time?

Dermatological (0 answers)
A one & half year old girl burnt with the hot water on the left side of face 5 days ago. Kindly, if you could help me out for her treatment. My main concern is for the post burn scar & pigmentation as it is on the face.

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