Skintyte or Thermage

Had neck, jowl, and chin lipo 8 months ago. Love the results but have sagging jowls and some neck banding. Would Thermage or Skintyte help? Which procedure would be best after lipo?

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center  |  David A. Engleman MD, FACC
Dallas, TX

Titan is great for this.

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Hello. I am 45 years old and have a few stretch marks on my stomach that I would like to get rid of.What treatment do you recommend I use? Skin Tyte? Please advise asap as I want to start treatment right away.

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Does it work in tightening the skin around the stomach area and stretch marks after pregnancy? And about how many sessions needed?

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How frequently are follow up treatments recommended?

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Thinking of doing the skin tyte instead of Sculptra - which last longer.

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I only have a small amount of sagging skin on my neck. Would one Skintyte treatment be enough? I am 37 and not overweight at all. I just have a tiny bit of loose skin that bothers me.

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Hello, I just read the Skin Tyte Q&A and am confused. It says it's good for "skin laxity" but not "baggy or saggy" skin. Can you please explain the difference and how one knows which they have? Thank you.

Should Skin Tyte and lipotherapy be combined? (2 answers)
A medispa I went to recommended combining both Skin Tyte and lipotherapy for optimal results. However, I can't seem to find any information regarding that. Are they trying to sell me something unnecessarily? Is it OK for the two procedures to be combined?

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Is the Skin Tyte procedure as safe as Thermage? With heating the underlying tissue can there be any long term damage? Is it good for people with minimal sagging?

can i get skin tyte done if i have factor v leiden? please let me know if its safe. i have had one treatment done & i was planning on have more done. (1 answer)
Can i get Skin Tyte done if i have factor v leiden? I have had one treatment done & i was planning on have more done.

Will Skin Tyte it work on a fleshy neck and make my jaw area mroe defined? (1 answer)
My neck has no wrinkles or loose skin, but it is fleshy and the contour from my chin to my chest is not too defined. As I have gotten older it is getting worse. I want the neck/jaw area more defined. Will this work for me?

Will skin tyte help with loose, wrinly skin on lower stomach? (1 answer)
Previously, I had lost 110lb and had loose, wrinkly skin on my lower stomach. I have since had a baby and it seems to look worse now. Would this procedure help with the saggy extra skin?

I'm wondering why none of the doctors are promoting skintyte when the pictures on this site look so impressive (1 answer)
I'm wondering why none of the doctors are promoting skintyte when the pictures on this site look so impressive...Is there a better alternative?

Is there a procedure for deeper back dimples? (1 answer)
Is this possible and approximately how much would this cost?

How long can we expect Skin Tyte results to last? (1 answer)
How long can we expect the results to last?

Does Skin Tyte really work vs. other procedures? (1 answer)
Does Skin Tyte really work or is it a con like some of the other skin tighten procedures? What are the differences? I dont won't to pay the prices if it doesent work..

I have a big turkey gobble on my chin. Will Skin Tyte help? (1 answer)
My neck looks awful. I have a lot of wrinkles and a turkey gobble. Will Skin Tyte help me at all?

How long do Skin Tyte results last? (1 answer)
I'm interested in getting Skin Tyte. How long does it take to undergo treatment, and how long do the results last?

Why doesn't SkinTyte help with baggy or saggy skin? (1 answer)

Which procedure is best, Thermage or Skin Tyte? (1 answer)
I am considering either Skin Tyte or Thermage for my face and neck. Which procedure is best? Which has longer lasting effects? I am a 47 year old with mild sagging and sun damage. I have mediterranean olive skin. Thanks in advance for your response.

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Hi - I wanted to know the difference between Titan lasers and Skin Tyte lasers.

How long does Skin Tyte last? (0 answers)
How long after the Skin Tyte procedure before I need another treatment?

Which is better Skin Tyte or Thermage (0 answers)
What is the difference between skin tyte and thermage? I had thermal treatment done only face and neck and it did nothing for my face and what it did for my neck was short lived about 3 months.

Which is better Skin Tyte or Pelleve for neck rejuvenation? (0 answers)
Should I seek out a facility that uses the Skin tyte procedure or the Pelleve skin tightening system? I have bands and loose skin on my neck that I want to get rid of.

How often can the Skin Tyte procedure be done safely? (0 answers)
How often can this procedure be done on one patient? Everyday? Does this increase results/ time frame of results?

Who would I go to to get a mole removed? (0 answers)
I have a mole on my bottom that has enlarged greatly over last six months, color is mostly black and now has started to be painful. Should I have it removed?

What is the difference between SkinTyte and Thermage? (0 answers)
What is the difference between SkinTyte and Thermage?

Will SkinTyte help with wrinkles on my cheeks and face? (0 answers)
When I smile my face shows many wrinkles. They are not obvious without smiling. Will SkinTyte correct this?

Skin Tyte vs. Titan Laser (0 answers)
I recently had the Titan Laser performed on my abdomen. My abdomen does not have sagging skin, but there is wrinkling from having two babies. I noticed little bit of change. I've seen before and after pics on the Internet of Skin Tyte and it looks like it does more. Is skin Tyte better?

Autoimmune issues and SkinTyte (0 answers)
I see many references to SkinTyte being contraindicated in Autoimmune Disease. Huge number of women have Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, including me. Can I use SkinTyte, why or why not? Hx Hashimotos, and treated Graves in Oct with I 131. Thanks

I've had 3 procedures on my face by Skin Tyte, and would like to know how long after the 6 treatments do I have to have this touch up done? (0 answers)
Also, how effective is this Skin Tyte on the stomach and underarms?

Which is more effective for the face? Pelleve or skyn tyte? (0 answers)
Which is more effective? Pelleve or skin tyte for the face.

Assuming a full series, how long will the effects last? (0 answers)
If I enter into the recommended amount of sessions, how long will the results last on an average? Where could I find this information on the internet?

Can the SkinTyte procedure affect the carotid artery, thyroid, or baroreceptors? (0 answers)
It is apparent that SkinTyte is beneficial to the skin, but I have not been able to receive confirmation that there are NO adverse side effects to the carotid artery, thyroid, or baroreceptors. Do you have information on this?

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