Which is better Radiesse or Restylane?

I have an appt. to get Radiesse around my mouth area. Reading reviews I am thinking may be Restylane would be better, but I want it too last a long time. What do you think?

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Replied on 12/16/2010

By: Esta Kronberg, M.D.  |  Board Certified Dermatologist
Houston, TX

I personally like the Juvederm and Restylane products. All products have
advantages and disadvantages.

Replied on 12/16/2010

By: Rejuve  |  John Tang, M.D.
Saratoga, CA

It depends. Around the mouth, if the lines are deeper then you can
consider Radiesse. This would definitely last longer but would look
awkward if the lines were more superficial. Make sure you don't use
Radiesse in the lips since this can cause unwanted lumps. Also, you
can consider Juvederm which may last longer than Restylane in some

Replied on 12/16/2010

By: Celibre Medical Corporation  |  Laser Dermatology & Injections
Orange, CA

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer for this question. There are
pros and cons to each product and you will be better off to find an
injector that uses both Radiesse and Restylane frequently. In this way,
he/she would be able to review all of the pros and cons for each product
and then together you would be able to make an informed decision.

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