Will weight loss after thermage affect the results?

Will weight loss after Thermage diminish the results of the treatment?

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Does thermage treat loose skin? (3 answers)
I had lipo in January and now I have an extra small fold under my one of my butt cheeks. Can thermage treatments help tighten this area? Very little fat was removed. I also have a dimple where too much fat was taken out. Can I have fat put back in?

Will Thermage treat Acne Scars? (3 answers)
My esthetician said that thermage may work to reduce the appearance of my acne scars, but most of the reviews I've read online just talk about it as a wrinkle treatment.

Do you need to be in good health to undergo Thermage treatments? (3 answers)
If you have a connective tissue disorder and have some jowls and skin on the neck sagging can you still benefit from having thermage ?

Is it safe to have a Chemical Peel after Thermage? (2 answers)
Can I still do chemical peels after a thermage treatment on the face?

Can Thermage reduce stomach fat? (2 answers)
Is this the best procedure for removing stomach fat?

Will Thermage work on loose skin and stretch marks on the abdomen? (1 answer)
I have significant stretch marks and loose skin after losing 81 lbs. I am 5'3" and currently 124 lbs and looking to tighten up the loose skin on my abdomen. Will Thermage give me the results I'm looking for?

What is the difference between Thermage and Dot Therapy for my face? (1 answer)
I am considering have dot therapy for my face and neck. I recently saw a clip on the news about Thermage. I want to know what the difference is between the two.

Can Thermage help with sagging skin on my upper arms and thighs? (1 answer)
My upper arms are starting to sag giving my deep lines around the bend part of my arm. Also my thighs are sagging giving me deep lines around my knees and such. Can Thermage help with sagging skin on my upper arms and thighs?

Is Photofacial or Thermage more effective for tightening skin? (1 answer)
What is the difference between other photofacial techniques and thermage?

Is it safe to have Thermage when you have metal in your body? (1 answer)
i have a metal prostisis can I have Thermage?

Is there such a thing as a non-surgical facelift? (1 answer)
Many products and procedures claim the effects of a "non-surgical face lift". Is there anything, other than a real, surgical procedure, that will give me the look I achieve when I place my fingertips at the top of my jawline and lift an inch? - Jowels

Is Thermage for the face only? Or can it be used for the thighs? (1 answer)

I'm 25 with under-eye wrinkles - Do you suggest Thermage or Botox? (1 answer)

Can I have the Thermage treatment if I had a contour thread lift 7 years ago? (1 answer)
I had a contour thread lift 7 years ago (2 threads on each side of the lower face). Is it OK to get a Thermage treatment?

Is Thermage the best treatment for sagging skin around the mouth and neck, or is there a better nonsurgical procedure? (0 answers)

Is there a specific time period to have thermage performed after traditional liposuction? (0 answers)
I had traditional liposuction performed on my abdomen (upper, lower, and lovehandles) however, it left me with loose skin. How effective is thermage? I had liposuction in May 2010, is it too late to have thermage done 2 years later?

What type of machine is the most effective? (0 answers)
Hi, I was told that thermage is a good option for skin tightening but all depends on the machine and the Mhz it delivers and its power. Could you please tell what are the things we should look at in our potential practitoner's machine?

How long will Thermage results last? (0 answers)
I love my Thermage treatment results, but how long will it be before I need an 'update' if ever?

Thermage compared to Ultherapy ? (0 answers)
Compare: longevity and results plus who is the distributor of the machines?

Thank You

Mariann Rathlou

What skin products help improve the results of Thermage? (0 answers)
How can I improve the results thermage treatment? What type of skin care products should I use?

Can thermage be effective for loose skin on the abdomen from pregnancy? (0 answers)
I have stretch marks all over my belly, and I'm having trouble getting the skin firmer.

How effective is Thermage for neck tightening? (0 answers)
I am in my seventies and have some loose skin on my neck. Could Thermage solve this problem? Or, is there a better alternative you could suggest?

Is Therma Lift the same thing as Thermage? (0 answers)
Is Therma Lift the same thing as Thermage? I received a Groupon deal for Therma Lift and I can't find any information for that procedure by that name. Thank you

Will Thermage show effective results on 70+ year old skin? (0 answers)

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