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Which procedure is best for getting rid of dark under eye circles?
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I am getting married on July 12, 2014. Which procedure can effectively rid my dark under eye circles?
During a Revlite rejuvenation procedure, how close can a doctor get around the orbital area without burning the eyes?
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I have some bags under the eye and don't want injections. I want the Revlite rejuvenation procedure to rebuild collagen around my eye area. The fatty tissue is right atop my cheekbone. How close can a doctor get around the orbital area without burning the eyes?
Is it safe to combine Revlite and Isotretinoin?
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Can I get Revlite for acne scars done if I am taking 40mg Isotretinoin daily? I started Isotretinoin a week ago.
Is Revlite a good for darker skin pigmentation?
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I am a 50-year-old African American female seeking to have youthful, radiant, glowing skin. Is Revlite a good idea considering my darker skin pigmentation? Will it do more harm than good?
Is this laser better than the Genesis and Cutera laser for the skin?
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Which laser is the best for the skin? And is the Hoya ConBio Revlite better than the genesis laser and cutera laser?
How long does the procedure last?
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How long does the procedure last? I live in Bermuda would I have to come and get a consultation first? Thank You.
Can Revlite treat dark circle caused by blood vessels?
(1 answer)
I have dark circle under my eyes caused by blood vessels (purple color). Can it be treated by Revlite?


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