Acne Treatment and Dry Skin

You may have been wondering about acne treatment and dry skin. It is essential to treat your acne problems a bit differently. Providing the moisture your skin needs is vital. One of the causes of acne can actually be aggravating your dry skin.

Treatment for Dry Skin

Choosing an oil free cleanser is the first step. Also, be gentle with the application of that cleanser. Make sure that you are using your fingertips only to clean the skin, in gentle, circular motions, both night and day. Follow up with an oil free moisturizer, and you will find that you do not aggravate acne prone dry skin as readily. Keeping the skin moist, while soft and supple can be hard, but not impossible.

Options for Dry Skin

One type of cleanser that many treating dry skin choose is baby wash. Often, an oil free baby soap is gentle enough that it does not irritate dry, acne prone skin, yet it still offers the cleanliness needed. Baby lotions also work well for this, however, be careful. Added scents and oils can be a problem; making sure that the cleanser and moisturizer is free of these is key to making sure that your dry skin can remain acne free.

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