Areas of the Body Genesis Skin Rejuvenation Treats

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a laser treatment that improves the appearance your skin by promoting collagen growth. Below are some areas of your face and body that Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treats.


Genesis Skin Rejuvenation works all over your face to reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and acne scars. It also treats the tiny dilated blood vessels that contribute to a ruddy, sunburned look. For this reason, it is an effective treatment for the bothersome redness of a skin condition called rosacea.

Neck and Chest

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation tightens loose skin on your neck and chest. It also treats unwanted pigmentation from sun damage, giving you firmer, smoother skin with a more refined appearance. 

Your doctor can treat other areas of your body with Genesis Skin Rejuvenation, but it is recommended for recent rather than older scars. Depending on your skin's condition, expect to have four to six treatments spaced a few weeks apart. The effects of the treatment are gradual and accumulate over time.

The most common side effect after treatment is a temporary redness of your skin, but you can return to work immediately after the procedure. Talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have about Genesis Skin Rejuvenation.

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