Areas of the Body Liquid Facelift Treats

Liquid Facelift gives you facial rejuvenation without surgery. Liquid Facelift consists of dermal fillers and other injectables, such as BOTOX®, that improve the appearance of your skin by diminishing lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Below are some of the areas that Liquid Facelift treats.


Overtime, expression lines can become permanently etched across your forehead. Treatments with Liquid Facelift relax your forehead muscles and reduce the look of wrinkles and creases in this area.


Liquid Facelift improves the look of crow's feet, which are lines that branch out from the corners of your eyes. Liquid Facelift can also be used to fill in your lower eyelid wrinkles, while your upper eyelid wrinkles will get a subtle lift from the treatment.

Nasolabial Lines and Mouth

Nasolabial lines start at each side of your nose and extend down to the corners of your mouth. Injecting Liquid Facelift into these lines creates a smoother look in this problem area. Liquid Facelift also treats wrinkles and vertical lines around your mouth and can plump up your lips.


Liquid Facelift fills in your cheeks and other areas of your face that may have developed a sunken appearance. After treatment with Liquid Facelift, you can enjoy more youthful-looking contours and firmer skin.

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