Conditions that Liquid Facelift Treats

A liquid facelift is a facelift without a scalpel technique that is used to treat a number of skin conditions. Liquid facelifts have the ability to renew aging skin, by removing deeply etched lines and wrinkles on the face. This technique is used to treat targeted areas on the face such as the eyes, cheeks, forehead, lips, neck and chin.

Conditions Treated by Liquid Facelifts

As the aging process becomes more progressive, the tissues beneath the skin will lose elasticity and sag. The lines and wrinkles in the face also become more pronounced, while losing dimension. A liquid facelift can restore the skin to its original volume from the breakdown of connective tissues. For patients with sunken or hollowed cheeks, a liquid facelift is used to give the cheeks a fuller look by the use of derma fillers. Fillers are used to make the cheeks appear more plump and natural.

The sagging skin of the jowls is reshaped using liquid facelift products. For instance, Radiessse, Perlane and Sculptra are products used to lift and tighten the jowls and chin. A liquid facelift can rebuild the weak muscles of the chin to make that area more conspicuous. In this case, Radiesse, for example, is a liquid facelift used to fill in the depressed area between the jowls and chin to create a firmer, natural look.

A correction technique such as a liquid facelift is ideal to use around the eye area to alter bags under the eyes or drooping eyelids. A dermal filler such as Botox is used to contour the eye area. Botox is an effective product that is injected into specific areas to eliminate dark circles, puffy eyes and drooping eyelids.

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