Cosmetic and Health Benefits of Liquid Facelift

The latest trend in face lifts is the Liquid Facelift, which is a non invasive procedure that won’t require surgery. The gel used in the Liquid Facelift procedure is compatible with all skin types and is not likely to cause allergic reactions. The Liquid Facelift is a popular choice due to its many cosmetic and health benefits.

Reduces Wrinkles and Rhytides

The Liquid Facelift uses a dense gel that is injected in problem areas of the face or neck. The gel works as a filler and will reduce deep wrinkles, fine lines or rhytides.

The gel is absorbed by the body, but it will have a tightening effect on the skin so the face will have a younger appearance. The effects of the Liquid Facelift will improve in the weeks following the treatment, as collagen formation is also stimulated.

Gives Volume

The Liquid Facelift is a procedure that will use an injectible gel that contains poly L lactic acid, which will give extra volume to the face. With aging, the skin tends to become saggy and the face loses its volume and looks two dimensional. The Liquid Facelift gives back the 3D look to the face.

Reduces Risks

The solution used in the Liquid Facelift procedure has been tested and involves minimal risks of allergic reactions. The poly L lactic acid is compatible with the human skin and will be absorbed in the body without causing any adverse reactions.

No Skin Damage

The Liquid Facelift is a treatment that involves injecting a gel under the skin. The gel will not cause any skin damage and the needles used are thin and small, so there won’t be any marks left after the administration of the treatment.

No Surgery Needed

Liquid Facelift is a procedure that won’t require surgery, just a few injections. Surgery is associated with numerous risks and scarring can result. A Liquid Facelift causes no scarring. A Liquid Facelift may be performed without any anesthesia, as it causes a bit of pain that is bearable.

Delays Surgery

Getting a Liquid Facelift means that the face will receive a younger appearance. Even if Liquid Facelift doesn’t have results as durable as a traditional face lift, the procedure can delay the need for a surgery for many years. On average, the effects of Liquid Facelift are visible for 2 years.

Compatible with All Skin Tones and Types

The Liquid Facelift can be applied in patients with all skin tones and skin types, without causing discoloration or other adverse reactions. This is due to the fact that the injections are applied under the skin and the surface of the skin will not be affected.

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