How to Prepare for Epidermal Leveling

Because epidermal leveling is highly non-invasive, you may not think that there's much preparation involved. While this may largely be the case, knowing how to properly prepare for the procedure can increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

Disclose Medications

The first thing you must do during consultation is disclose all medications and vitamins you take regularly to your cosmetic specialist. Most medications are fine for epidermal leveling treatment, but some, such as Accutane and other acne medication, must be completely out of your system for six months before you begin treatment, as the medication changes your skin and makes it unsuitable for treatment.

Avoid Waxing, Tattoos and Piercing

Epidermal leveling is safer and more effective if you haven't waxed or had piercings in the area(s) of your skin to be treated for up to six months before treatment. The area must also be free of tattoos.

Get Skin Ready

Your cosmetic specialist may ask you to follow a routine in the weeks before treatment that will help prepare your skin. This may involve applying a special ointment twice a day two weeks before the treatment.

Day of Treatment

On the day of your treatment, wash your skin with a scent-free facial soap. Do not apply makeup, perfumes, lotions or ointments to your skin unless (in the case of ointments) instructed to by your cosmetic specialist. Because you'll be lying on your back for awhile, wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. If you have an illness or a sunburn the day of treatment, reschedule your appointment.

During consultation, your cosmetic specialist may inform you of more specific preparation instructions based on your individual circumstances. Be sure to follow all of your specialist's instructions accordingly so that you can have a safe, effective treatment.

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