Most Common Uses of Triniti

The Triniti laser treatment is used for facial contouring among patients who are in need of a different look. It makes the face thin and narrow, similar to the Caucasian look. As we grow old, the overall face and its skin undergoes changes, like a descent of the fat pads in the cheeks, volume loss or even a laxity in the skin, causing it to look less sculpted and bottom heavy. The youthful face definition of the jaw, chin and cheeks is lost with an increase in weight and age. The Triniti treatment helps to restore the sculpted look of the patient. It even helps patients look like they have lost weight. The treatment also improves the wrinkles and skin color.

Acne Scars

Some patients are left with scars after a treatment to cure acne. Some patients also suffer from continuous erythema and hyper pigmentation. The scarring is at times more disturbing than the acne itself. The Triniti laser treatment tightens the skin, improving the way the acne scars appear. The collagen is rebuilt when Matrix RF of the treatment is used directly on the acne scars. Triniti laser treatment is considered to be the safest of all methods to deal with acne scarring, and is quick to heal as well.


Melasma patients are recommended to undergo the Triniti laser treatment, as it considered the safest treatment for them. It has minimal risk involved and also controls melasma from worsening. The treatment will help reduce the pigmentation to an extent where they can cover it with makeup and it will go unnoticed, though complete clearance cannot be assured. Triniti can also be combined with other treatments like hydroquinones, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Since there is a possibility of recurrence, it is suggested to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. Since melasma has a history of repeating itself, patients need to undergo treatments for maintenance twice a year.

Undereye Bags and Dark Circles

This is commonly seen among patients who have dark skin. This is normally a combination of loose skin, genetics, venous congestion that occurs around the eyes, extra damage caused by the sun and aging. Triniti treatments are suggested for such patients. The eye bags improve as the skin in the area tightens, and the fat herniation is not as visible. After the treatment, patients have a younger and refreshed look. It is an easy and fast treatment, leaving no bruises or swellings. The recovery time is less as compared to injectables, chemical peels and other laser treatments.

Doctors test the skin before conducting a Triniti laser treatment, to determine how many treatment sessions are to be conducted to obtain the required result.

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