Pelleve is a brand new and easy to use wrinkle treatment. The procedure is non-invasive and painless. It is often used to tighten drooping or flabby facial skin. It works well to combat the signs of aging. Pelleve sends swift results without the serious complications often seen in cosmetic surgery. Pelleve is also one of a minority of wrinkle treatment systems accepted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why Pelleve?

Women and men dread aging, mostly because of the detrimental effect it can have on one’s appearance. Fortunately, treatments such as Pelleve can help older adults avoid the self-esteem losses that come with aging skin. Pelleve tightens and smoothes the face, helping patients to achieve a fresher, more youthful look.

How does Pelleve work?

Pelleve uses original and effective radio wave machinery to warm deep layers of skin. Anesthesia is unnecessary, because no pain is felt during the non-invasive procedure. A Pelleve hand piece developed exclusively for this treatment holds the key to remarkable results. A subtle warming sensation occurs every time this Pelleve hand piece is applied to the skin. As the skin heats, the collagen located in the deepest skin layer begins to tighten. This contraction of collagen forms new collagen which creates a smoother appearance on formerly wrinkled skin. The whole Pelleve treatment lasts between 45 minutes and an hour and has minimal or no recovery time.

Which areas of the body does Pelleve treat?

The Pelleve procedure targets solely facial skin. Areas most commonly targeted include crow’s feet and smile lines. Pelleve is very effective in treating wrinkles anywhere on the face, but these two regions tend to be especially prominent.

Who is a candidate for Pelleve?

Candidates for Pelleve are healthy women and men with no major medical conditions or diseases. The treatment has no minimum age requirement, but women under 40 rarely see the need for it. Pelleve is most suitable as a cosmetic treatment for patients experiencing mild to moderate wrinkling.

What are the results of Pelleve like?

Results come immediately after the Pelleve procedure. A few patients experience mild puffiness during recovery. This rarely lasts longer than two days. The results consist of smooth skin, removal or reduction of wrinkles, as well as firmness where skin used to sag. The remarkable results last about six months.

What are the benefits of Pelleve versus similar procedures?

The main benefit of Pelleve is that follow-up treatments are not required for at least six months. Most other procedures do not provide such lasting results. With no complications and a quick recovery period, Pelleve is a safe option for those who wish to rejuvenate their appearance and reduce mild to moderate wrinkling.

Is Pelleve approved by the FDA?

Yes. The FDA approved Pelleve because the treatment is exceptionally harmless. The FDA’s approval followed a scientific study that proved that after undergoing a single treatment of Pelleve, all patients noticed clearly tightened skin which remained smooth for a minimum of six months. This amazing skin transformation and the youthful affect it brings has contributed to Pelleve's recent surge in recognition.

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