If you?re looking for a safe, effective way to remove or reduce the appearance of your freckles, consider getting a photofacial treatment?the anti-aging, minimally invasive solution to the problem of damaged skin for people on-the-go. Photofacial can:

  • Improve multiple areas of concern, such as freckles, age-spots, melasma, and more, all in the same treatment
  • Stimulate collagen production and skin regeneration while simultaneously removing damaged skin and skin imperfections
  • Be performed in minutes, and it?s so gentle that most people experience little-to-no down-time or side effects

For your photofacial procedure, your specialist may apply a cooling gel before using a machine to focus a broad-spectrum light at the dermal (deeper) layer of your skin. Results will be visible within days after treatment, and can last for months, though often patients require multiple treatment sessions to get the results they want. If you think photofacial might be a good fit for you, schedule an appointment with your specialist for more information on this amazing, dynamic procedure.

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