Post-Genesis Skin Rejuvenation Lifestyle & Maintenance

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a laser cosmetic treatment that will reduce scars, spots and other skin imperfections, tightening the skin at the same time. The procedure is non ablative and will not damage skin tissues. The duration of the effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation will depend on the age of the patient, but will also depend on the lifestyle of the patient and how well the skin is taken care of.

After the Genesis Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

The recovery process after Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is important to avoid complications and keep the results for longer.

The skin will be sensitive and sun exposure should be avoided 5 to 7 days after the treatment. Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is applied in several sessions, so the patient should avoid exposure to sun after each session. A high SPF should be used if sun exposure is inevitable.

The skin may be flaky a few days after the procedure. The patient shouldn’t try to chip off the dead skin cells, as this may result in wounds and unwanted scarring. Instead, a rich moisturizing cream should be used. The cream should contain natural ingredients and should be fragrance free, so that the skin won’t get irritated.

If makeup is worn, the patient should pay attention to the expiry date of the products. Expired makeup can cause rashes and skin infections.

Sun Protection

The sun can have damaging effects on the skin and is to blame for the occurrence of spots and wrinkles. The patient should avoid exposure to sun for the rest of her life, so that the effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation will be visible for longer. If exposed to sun, a sun block must be worn. The SPF should be chosen according to the complexion of the patient (fair skin requires a SPF between 20 and 30, while darker skin is safe with SPF of 10 to 20). Hats are also recommended to protect the face, which is the most sensitive area of the entire body.

Skin Care

The skin products used after Genesis Skin Rejuvenation will influence the duration of the effects of this procedure. The skin products should be quality formulas that contain collagen stimulating agents. The plastic surgeon will be able to recommend some creams. If the patient wears makeup, the products should be of a high quality that won’t dry or irritate the skin.

Additional Procedures

To maintain the effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation, the patient can opt for additional procedures such as chemical peels, the Titan skin treatment or other non invasive procedures that will tighten the skin and reduce redness or other scars.

If the patient has acne, this problem should be kept under control with suitable products and medication, to avoid acne scars.

The effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation may last for several years, but this will depend on each patient in part. The lifestyle of the patient will influence the duration of the results of Genesis.

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