Potential Risks and Complications of Evolence

Evolence is an FDA-approved facial derma filler promising to fill and smooth lines and correct wrinkles. This injectable solution made of pig collagen assures natural results with little to no downtime. Mild swelling, redness and pain are common side effects of Evolence. There are other potential risks and complications of Evolence.

Lumps and Skin Lesions

With Evolence, hard lumps and skin lesions could develop. If lumps or nodules occur, sometimes other fillers are necessary to try to correct and even out the area. An experienced board certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon must be sought for corrective treatment, as the results could lead to permanent disfigurement.

Medical studies indicate many reports of nodules forming in the lips. Case reports from The Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, June 2008 states "With regards to Evolence, it is the author's experience that it should not be injected into the lips, as Evolence is far too high an incidence of undesirable nodule formation." Some facial plastic surgeons claim that the company itself advises them about not using Evolence for the lip area. 

Experienced cosmetic surgeons massage the Evolence to remodel and sculpt the treated area, as without massage, lumps can occur.

Some cosmetic surgeons do not recommend Evolence for the eye area, as the solution may be stiff and a larger needle is necessary. Because a lot of massaging is necessary to avoid lumps, bruising can occur, and the additional manipulation is undesirable for the delicate eye area.

A certain degree of swelling may be expected, but if the swelling lasts for more than one or two weeks, there is cause for concern.

Irritation, Ulceration and Infection

As with any injection, Evolence can cause infection, ulceration or irritation. Abscesses (lumps of pus) of infection may develop. Expensive medications may be necessary after to treat the abscesses.

Vascular Problems

If Evolence is injected into a blood vessel, vascular problems may occur. Collagen can trigger platelet clumping, which may lead to a blood clot. Individuals with bleeding disorders should not be treated with Evolence injections.

Bruising or Bleeding

If patients are using anticoagulant medications such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, bruising or bleeding can occur at the site of the injection.

Risk of Allergy

Although Evolence is absent of chemical additives and other allergy inducing ingredients, there is still a risk for people who may have an allergy to porcine (pig). Persons with a history of allergies or who are prone to allergic reactions should not consider the use of Evolence.


Although rare, Evolence can cause necrosis, the death of living cells as a result of infection, disease or injury.

Migration Can Occur

Although the treatment injection of Evolence is for a selected area, there is the possibility that the solution can migrate (move from one area to another).

Temporary Results

After all the associated risks involved with having Evolence treatments, there is the possibility that the results may be short-lived, and only last temporarily.

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