Recovery after Portrait Plasma Skin Rejuventaion

Portrait plasma skin rejuvenation is now a somewhat common cosmetic dermatology procedure, but there’s still some controversy around this FDA-approved treatment for reducing wrinkles or eliminating spots on the skin. Doctors use ionized gas to heat up the dermal area, hoping to stimulate elements like collagen and elastin to give the skin a more youthful and healthy look. Some patients are happy with this treatment, while others report some extreme side effects.


After a portrait plasma skin rejuvenation treatment, some recovery time will apply. Medical professionals who are enthusiastic about portrait plasma skin rejuvenation point out that the average recovery time is significantly less than recovery time for a number of more intensive laser therapy procedures that do more or less the same thing for altering the skin tissues. A recovery period for a portrait plasma skin rejuvenation procedure may be three to five days or much longer according to the patient.


After with portrait plasma skin rejuvenation, some patients have reported what some doctors mention to prospective patients as relatively common side effects, including some swelling and moderate skin peeling. Other patients report worse side effects that seem relatively unusual, such as infection, pain and scarring. A qualified medical professional can assess each individual patient’s file to see whether she is a good candidate for this procedure. Patients must closely weigh the risks and benefits.

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