Smartxide Dot Therapy Fractional Resurfacing

What is Smartxide Dot Therapy?

Smartxide DOT Therapy is a technique used to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of sun- or age-damaged skin, acne scarring, and wrinkles which treats tiny areas or “islands” of tissue while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched, resulting in a much speedier healing time. The technique creates tiny damaged areas which encourage the development of new collagen during the healing process, offering a tighter, more toned overall appearance. In addition to treating wrinkles, lines, and scarring, DOT Therapy is a great option for skin renewal and rejuvenation, improving skin’s texture and firmness.

What are the benefits of Smartxide Dot Therapy?

Smartxide DOT therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that offers a number of advantages over other techniques, including:

· Reduced downtime
· Speedier healing
· Faster procedural time
· Increased safety
· Pinpoint accuracy
· Ability to customize treatment
· Minimally invasive
· No need for general anesthesia

How does the Smartxide Dot Therapy differ from other techniques?

Smartxide DOT Therapy uses a specialized “dot” pattern to create hundreds of microscopic perforations in the treatment area while leaving the remaining surrounding tissue intact. This approach allows the skin to heal much more rapidly, and involves less discomfort than traditional laser treatments. The pinpoint dots also allow your specialist to create a treatment pattern which is much more precise, and designed to suit your individual needs.
Is the Smartxide Dot Therapy technique an invasive procedure?

The Smartxide DOT therapy technique is considered minimally invasive by most practitioners, meaning that it does not require incisions but does cause some visible controlled damage to the surface of the skin (peeling, most notably).

What results can you expect from the Smartxide Dot Therapy?

Immediately after your treatment, you will notice some redness in the treatment area, similar to a sunburn. Cold compresses can be applied to help reduce redness. During the days following the procedure, you will use a hydrating lotion to keep your skin moist and aid in the healing process. The redness will persist for3 to 4 days, at which time the skin in the treatment area will begin to peel away, revealing new, fresh skin underneath.
In most men and women, you can expect your skin to assume its new, improved appearance in about 7 to 10 days after treatment. You may resume wearing makeup after about 3 days. In addition to the reduction or elimination of wrinkles, fine lines, sun and age damage, and some scarring, you will also notice an overall improvement in the texture and tone of your skin. With proper care, including regular use of sunscreen, you can expect your results to remain for years following treatment.

Should I get Smartxide Dot Therapy treatment in conjunction with other laser resurfacing techniques?

Nearly all individuals achieve satisfactory results with DOT therapy without the need for additional laser resurfacing techniques. You may want to consider treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers in addition to DOT therapy to achieve an overall “lifted” look, but these treatments are usually postponed until the recovery period for DOT therapy has ended.

What type of after care is needed to sustain the results?
To maintain the results of your DOT treatment, you should:

· Follow a good, basic skin car routine regularly
· Use moisturizer
· Use sunscreen regularly
· Avoid overexposure to the sun, especially in the weeks following treatment

What is the cost of Smartxide Dot Therapy?

In most cases, you can expect the cost of your Smartxide DOT Therapy treatment to range from $1,500 to $3,000, depending upon the size of the area being treated.

By Staff
Updated: June 30, 2009

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