Treatments that Can Be Combined with Genesis Skin Rejuvenation

Genesis Skin Rejuvenation is a cosmetic treatment that employs lasers to rejuvenate the skin, restore volume and erase age spots or other marks. Genesis Skin Rejuvenation can be combined with other treatments to enhance the effect of the treatment or to further improve the appearance of the treated areas. Genesis Skin Rejuvenation can be combined with muscle relaxing injections such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers, such as Evolence, or minimally invasive liposuction techniques.


Evolence is a procedure that will restore the lost tri-dimensionality of the face by inserting dermal fillers under the skin. This treatment may be applied after the effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation are diminished and the face needs volume.

Evolence employs collagen (porcine) mixed with sugar. Evolence is minimally invasive and may be applied several times to increase the duration of the effects of Genesis Skin Rejuvenation.


BOTOX® is a treatment that is administered as an injection. The solution that is injected contains botulinum toxin, and this will affect the muscles, making them unable to contract. This will result in fewer dynamic wrinkles, which will support the effects of the Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treatment.

There are also other treatments that are similar to BOTOX®, such as Purtox, but this procedure is not yet approved by the FDA.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid is similar to Evolence and is a dermal filler treatment that may be combined with Genesis Skin Rejuvenation. The dermal filler will tighten the skin and reduce wrinkling.

The treatment may be applied as an outpatient treatment and requires minimal recovery time. However, the effects of this treatment are not long lasting, and booster treatments should be applied on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of the face.


Artefill is another dermal filler that uses bovine collagen which will stimulate the formation of human collagen as well. The treatment may be applied on restricted areas of the face and can be combined with Genesis Skin Rejuvenation. Artefill will have long lasting effects and will provide a gentle face lift.


Radiesse is an injectible treatment that can be used to tighten connective tissue and reduce wrinkling. This treatment is more recommended for the area around the eyes and can be combined with the Genesis Skin Rejuvenation treatment, which will not focus on the area around the eyes, being too aggressive for this sensitive area.

The effects of Radiesse are semi permanent and this treatment can be reapplied when needed.

Minimally Invasive Liposuction

If there are unwanted deposits of fat in the facial and neck area, a minimally invasive liposuction treatment should be used in addition to Genesis Skin Rejuvenation. Treatments such as Cool Lipo, Smart Lipo, ProLipo or Slim Lipo can be safely used on sensitive areas, such as the face. These procedures require minimal incisions and will cause no skin damage or scarring.

In addition, these procedures will also tighten the skin, as collagen production will be stimulated by the lasers used during the treatment.

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