22 Reasons to Choose ReFirme

ReFirme is a cosmetic treatment to tighten the skin with the use of radio frequency and light. The heated tissue creates fibroblasts, which in turn produces new collagen. This complete anti-aging system is becoming more and more popular, and here are 22 reasons to choose ReFirme:

1. Effective

ReFirme is an effective treatment that tightens the skin.

2. Fast Treatment

The system provides precise heating in the area to be treated and is highly controllable, therefore fast treatment can be performed.

3. Virtually Painless

Contact cooling is performed with this procedure. In addition, Bi-Polar Radio Frequency and Light energies are utilized to heat the dermal tissue with less optical energy being used, making the treatment virtually painless.

4. FDA Cleared

ReFirme is FDA-cleared and is a safe treatment, as it has the capability of heating the area of treatment precisely. Because of the dual energy system, there are less risks for damage and scarring of the skin.

5. Received National Media Exposure

This amazing product and treatment method received National Media Exposure through the “Rachel Ray Show”, “Extra”, “Star Magazine” and many other popular publications.

6. More Youthful Appearance

When skin is tighter and smoother, a more youthful appearance can be achieved.

7. Improves Skin Laxity

Puffiness and sagginess is most often due to decreased skin laxity. ReFirme can help with this problem.

8. Tightens and Firms the Skin

ReFirme tightens and firms the skin, revealing a healthier and younger appearance.

9. Reduces Wrinkles

This great system can reduce wrinkles.

10. Treats Many Body Areas

ReFirme treats many body areas such as the face, neck, upper arms, knees and the abdomen. 

11. Non-Surgical Method

This treatment does not require any surgery and is non-invasive.

12. No Downtime

ReFirme treatment requires no downtime. Patients normally resume their daily activities right after treatment, unlike some other treatment methods or surgeries that may have a downtime of several days or weeks, and sometimes even longer.

13. Great for Individuals Sensitive to High Heat Sensation

Many individuals have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate high heat sensation that is experienced with many other procedures. ReFirme has a contact cooling system, and uses radio frequency with light to treat the skin. This process means less discomfort.

14. Improves the Texture of the Skin

This great treatment method improves the texture of the skin.

15. Can Be Combined with Other Treatment Methods

ReFirme can be combined with other cosmetic treatment methods. It is important to always inform the cosmetic surgeon of all previous procedures.

16. Great for All Skin Types

ReFirme treats all different skin types.

17. Good for Saggy Eyes

This cosmetic procedure reduces sagginess from under the eyes.

18. Fabulous for Jowl and Neck Laxity

ReFirme is known to successfully treat jowl and neck laxity.

19. Good for Saggy Brow Lines

This treatment is useful to help saggy brow lines.

20. Useful for Nasolabial Folds

ReFirme is useful to treat nasolabial folds, which are the two folds of skin that run from each side of the nose, to the corners of the mouth.

21. Great for All Skin Colors

All skin colors can be treated with this treatment.

22. No Medications

No medications or drugs are necessary to perform this treatment to tighten the skin.

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