5 Reasons to Choose Aluma

Aluma is a revolutionary technique that uses radio frequency (RF) waves to treat problems like wrinkles, facial lines and folds. There are a number of reasons you may want to consider Aluma.

Aluma consists of delivering bipolar RF waves, with the help of an ergonomic device, to the tissue in the dermis layer of the affected area. The tissue between the dual electrodes of the device produces heat which ultimately results in contraction of existing collagen. As contraction occurs, new collagen is also produced. This results in rejuvenation of the sagging skin and transformation of it into a young and firm one. Aluma is a treatment that is virtually painless and has very low risks involved.

Following are some of the important reasons to choose Aluma:

1. To Remove Wrinkles

Aluma is a treatment that helps you get rid of all those wrinkles on your face. As the process results in production of new collagen, tightening of skin occurs. With this tightening, the wrinkles on the face slowly start to disappear. It make take a few months before you can have a completely wrinkle free face. A series of Aluma treatments are recommended for best results.

2. To Lessen the Pain?

Ifyou wish to get your face treated, but cannot stand the pain involved in all the invasive and surgical procedures, Aluma is a suitable option. Aluma treatment is virtually pain free and requires no anesthetics to bear the process. This is one of the major reasons a lot of patients prefer Aluma over other facelift procedures.

3. To Minimize the Risks

Another great thing with Aluma is the low number of risks involved. The only risk after the treatment is that you may have swelling, or in extreme cases, some redness. When compared with the possible risks involved with other surgical cosmetic procedures, Aluma is much more safe and secure.

4. To Remove the Hassle

Usually after a facelift, strict post treatment guidelines have to be followed in order to aid the recovery process. If these are not done correctly, the entire purpose of the surgery might not be fulfilled. But, Aluma has no such hassles involved. You can get back to work right after your treatment is over. The treatment itself takes 15 to 20 minutes. Hence, the whole process of refining your skin is fast and easy with Aluma.

5. To Improve Your Appearance

The basic reason behind every cosmetic surgery remains the same: to improve the appearance of the face or a body part. Aluma fulfills this desire, and enhances your appearance.

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